8 Months…Are You Kidding Me??


Liam wanted to be in the photoshoot…


Liam-and-Nora-8-months-2Ok, Liam, can I take one of just Nora now?…



Wordless Wednesday: Toddy Pond

We spent a quick two days with my family last weekend. We went to Toddy Pond where my stepfather and mom (alias Mimi & Bucky) have a “camp” (as we refer to it in Maine).  A camp is basically a 2nd home. It’s usually pretty rustic and usually near a body of water or in the woods.  However, I’ve seen some “camps” that are more fancy-pants than my own house.

Anyhoo, I digress.

Our Sunday was spent celebrating my niece’s 8th birthday at her grandmother’s house.  Beautiful day, lots of cousins, and yummy food.

Liam & Daddy play on the shore

swimming with daddy

safety first


helpful baby

sampling flowers

porches are for relaxing


birthday girl

organizing pine cones

busy work stuffing leaves in hole

my garden gnome

Awww, Mimi