Channeling Johnny Cash

On the way to school today, Johnny Cash comes on the radio. I quickly claim my obvious parental duties, turn up the volume and formally introduce Liam to Mr. Cash. Liam clearly understood the importance of such an introduction and told me he wanted to see the singing. I explained this wasn’t a video, it was the radio. Liam continues to insist on “seeing” Johnny Cash sing. I tried to come up with a simplified way to explain the radio. It’s like hearing music on a video, Liam, but we can’t see them…we just hear it…(lame). Why is the kid making me come up with explanation like this in the morning? He’s listened to plenty of music on the radio, from CDs, from the ipod speakers in the living room, and on the ipad. The kid clearly recognized Johnny Cash for all the badass awesome that he is and needed a visual.

“PLEASE, Mommy, can’t we FaceTime with Johnny Cash??”

And that was the best moment of my day.