Do You Have Magisation?

Mama? I have a question for you,” Liam had been in the bathroom “brushing his teeth.” (A.k.a. playing with the faucet until I go in and help him brush.) Before I could answer him, he continued, “Mama? Do you have magisation?”

“Why yes, Liam, I DO have imagination!”

“Oh good, Mommy! I need ice.”

Disappointed I wasn’t going to hear more about imagination, I got up from the kitchen table and followed him to the freezer, where he was pulling open the door and waiting expectantly for me. Thinking he had bumped a part of his body I asked him what he needed ice for. His body was bouncing up and down and he just kept responding that he needed ice! I popped an ice cube out of the tray and handed it to him. He raced back to the bathroom with it in his bare hands, shouting for me to look. I followed him as he jumped up onto his little step stool, pressed the faucet handle into a full stream of water, and pitched the ice cube into the sink.

“Look!! It floats!!”

A science experiment! He was conducting a science experiment! I am in so much love with my three year old soaking in the world and enjoying learning.

liam ice imagination

I’m sure this could only have come from his school at the JCA. How awesome. Liam’s last day of school is Friday and last week his teachers held a short celebration of their learning. Every student took home a portfolio the teachers had put together, exemplifying their units of study and their growth as small human beings. Incredible. Liam’s favorite “book” to look at is his portfolio these days. He wants me to read the statement about how the project fit into a theme or unit and then he tells me about what’s going on in the pictures.
My youngest brother, Todd, is visiting from the west coast and was spending some quality time with Liam this evening.
“Mommy, can you help me find the book that I got when you came into my school on my birthday and there was a book that I took home?”
“Do you mean your portfolio book that we took home last week at school?” (NOT his birthday, but clearly it was such a special celebration it can be categorized with birthdays.)
“Yes! I want to read it with Uncle Todd!”

Liam and Todd portfolio collage

Hearing Liam talk about his learning and how proud he is of the things that he compiled in his book warms my heart. THANK YOU JANAI, MARIA, and BOBBI-LYN!