Sleep Confidence

Today begins my week of school vacation.  I just caught myself wondering, hmmm, should I finish looking at my magazine or take a nap while Liam naps?  That sort of brazen planning must come from a mom who has a baby she is confident will take a nap.  Because if you have a baby who won’t go to sleep easily or consistently you would find yourself dreading the time in the morning when you knew the baby should be sleeping and that you should be doing something for yourself.  Like peeing for the first time in 16 hours.  That act of not sleeping is stressful.  And there’s no doubt in my mind that the baby can smell your anxiety like a full boob in front of their face.  They know that you know that they’re not going to sleep and they just have to fuss long enough for you to do one or several of the following things: 1) Let them sleep in your arms while rocking them (very cozy); 2) Take them to bed with you for a family nap (even though Mom’s bladder is bursting and she could really use this time to…you know…do something else. Yet also very cozy for Baby.); 3) Strap you into that warm car seat where the soothing motion will lull you to sleep. (Can’t fight the power of motion!) or 4) Just let you stay up even though you will undoubtedly make her life hell with crankiness and you may or may not fall asleep with your cheek in some pureed vegetable medley about 2 hour before you were supposed to get ready for bed anyway. (You know you gave a really good fight when this happens.)

It’s been about 17 days since we began “sleep training” Liam, following Kim West’s The Sleep Lady’s Good Night, Sleep Tight.  (Go to the first blog post of the sleep adventure here.)  The child is cutting teeth numbers 5 and 6 on either side of his two front teeth. Rumor has it those are the worst for pain.  And you know what? He’s still sleeping!  In 17 days there have been one handful of nights where Husband has had to get up around 3 in the morning to rub the back or send some soothing shushes across the room.  Some nights it takes 30 seconds for Liam to conk out in his crib and sometimes the time it takes for him to soothe himself is about 40 minutes.  Either way we have gained the confidence in knowing that once he falls asleep he will be asleep for at least 8 hours, but usually 11 hours straight!  Having an “alert” baby means that he really doesn’t want to sleep, he wants to be playing and moving.  Today, for his nap, he finally gave into sleep while in the middle of babbling.  If I could understand his babble he was probably telling me how much he did not want to be sleeping.  I managed to take a picture with my phone as he drifted off with his mouth open mid-sound.

Having the confidence makes the process so much easier. Instead of “hoping” he’ll go down for a nap, or crossing your fingers when you leave the nursery, you know that your hard work (10 minutes, 30 minutes) will result in a sleeping baby.  Before The Sleep Lady I would “try” for an hour or more and then give up.

Now we’ve been practicing with sleep during travel and trying to train Liam to sleep just a little longer in the morning.  Oooh, fancy sleep stuff!  Another shout out to the Hubs because I’m not so sure I would have gained this confidence so successfully without his help.  Even this weekend we were at my step-sister’s birthday dinner Saturday night and Husband left early to put the baby to sleep within a not-too-far-range of his bedtime, letting me stay and visit an extra hour and a half with my family.  Whaddaguy!!



I sent a tweet this morning that said “it worked it worked it worked!! Liam #STTN!!”  That, my friends, is Twitter-code for “Sleep Through The Night.”  (Or whatever verb form of to sleep is required…”slept” for me.)  I had previously flicked through such envious tweets and finally…FINALLY…I’m the one who gets to send out the most desirable hashtag a Twitter Mom could imagine.

Five nights, everyone.  FIVE NIGHTS.  We are optimistically hopeful that it will continue, and will follow all of the remaining steps to give Liam solid, good sleep habits.  But last night was…awesome.  My favorite part was at about 5:00 a.m. when Husband yelled my name, jarring me from deep (blissful) sleep.  I spluttered a drooly, “What??” and Husband, who had leapt from bed and was pacing by the bedroom door, asked, “Should I check him? Do you think he’s breathing? I don’t know what I should do? Do I go in?”  If I wasn’t so pissed at being woken up a mere 15 minutes before my alarm clock was going to go off, I would have laughed.  This was the reaction I had also thought to myself so many times.  When Liam was 3 months old and sleeping though the night; when he would later have a random long nap…even if he was unnervingly quiet in his rear-facing carseat.  Now that Husband was so involved in the sleep process it was his turn to have the inexplicable panic that comes along with the sleep that you yearned for.

Of course, I told him to get his ass back to bed and if he dared wake up the baby now then he was responsible for what ensued.  He paced and mumbled a bit more and then settled back down.

Incidentally, my alarm clock was not set (one of those times where I literally did set it, but maybe double hit the button or something so that it didn’t stay set…).  So the one time that my “natural” alarm clock didn’t go off, my literal alarm didn’t either.  (And what are the odds Husband wakes me up around the time I should have gotten up, but I let myself go back to sleep thinking the alarm clock is going to go off?)  After I got myself as clean and dressed as possible, and nursed Liam, I found that Husband was waiting by the door with a packed lunch, coffee to go, and a bagel with cream cheese.  Husband gets Family MVP this week.  For sure.

But back to that sleeping baby…will he go for two in a row??

Good Night, Sleep Tight: The Fourth Night

Good Night, Sleep Tight: The Fourth Night

The rocking chair got moved to the middle of the nursery and it only took Husband half an hour in the room for Liam to fall asleep on his own.  Mommy messed up though.  I’m trying to nurse Liam about half an hour before he falls asleep and it ended up probably being about 2 hours before he fell asleep.  I went from dinner and feeding him jarred food to putting his pajamas on and reading him books and I forgot to nurse him again.  Which is probably fine because he ate almost a whole jar of food for dinner, but I was worried that taking away that one element would mess up the pattern we were working so hard to construct!  Once I realized (too late) that I had effed up I tormented myself with: should I just let it ride out all night and see how he goes, potentially ending up with him awake, hungry, pissed, screaming…or take preventative measures and nurse him the first time he wakes up.  Which meant that I would have to wake him up, nurse him in full light, make sure that he’s not associating sleeping with nursing, make sure he doesn’t fall asleep while nursing, and then convince my husband to attempt to get him sleepy again and put him back in his crib.  Ugh.

We went with the first option.  I wrung my hands for hours, but decided to just see if he’d make it through the night.  He did.  Well, don’t get all excited, he didn’t exactly “sleep through the night,” because he still had most of his usual wake-ups, but he soothed himself again and he did sleep through one of the usual wake-ups!  So, there is progress!

Today…oh my heavens, the universe was against the sleep schedule.  Liam and I had chiropractor appointments and it was scheduled for 6:00 pm.  I rescheduled it for 5, explaining that we were sleep training and couldn’t take a late appointment.  So the plan was to pick him up from daycare, play for an hour, head to the chiropractor, go home, give him dinner and do the wind-down routine, pretty much on target for time.  It all got thrown off when I got stuck in traffic waiting for a train to cross.  This made me 10 minutes later for daycare pick-up.  Two minutes before I walked in the door Liam had fallen asleep.  The lead teacher in the infant room was home with her sick child and in the hectic-ness this caused for the assistant teachers Liam only had one nap.  He usually would have had two by then.  I made the executive sleep decision that I would wait out the nap at the daycare.  I hung out for almost an hour and a half.  Which made me late for the chiropractor.  I felt just slightly insane calling the chiropractor office again to try to reschedule the appointment back to the original time, with Liam’s nap time as the reason.  I dropped Liam off at home and sidled in for my appointment, accepting the berate of sleep training comments from everyone in the office.  I got back in time to *nurse* (would not blow that off this time…if only for my own peace of mind!) and read books with Liam before Husband put him down.  Only 20 minutes before he fell asleep tonight!  (A little glimpse into Night 5.)

Speaking of Night 5.  I think my sleep schedule stories may become a little monotonous at this point.  Shall I put the sleep (b)log on hold until we get a fascinating story like an actual, complete sleep through the night?  This is what I was thinking, which is why I added the snippets from today and the lay down from tonight.  Then at the end of the 12 day program (Ha! Makes me think of a 12-step program!) I can do a conclusive report.  What do you think?  My blog stats have me thinking that there are many a sleepless mama hanging onto my every word, hopeful of success and building the confidence to begin the process themselves.  Thank you, by the way, I have never had so many blog readers!  I hope this is helping/inspiring someone!


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Good Night, Sleep Tight: Intro of What’s to Come

Good Night, Sleep Tight: The First Night

Good Night, Sleep Tight: The Second Night

Good Night, Sleep Tight: The Third Night

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Good Night, Sleep Tight: The Third Night

We’re all back to work/daycare today so I’m writing about last night while Husband is putting down for Fourth Night.  Sorry, that may be confusing…onward and upward with recount of the THIRD night.

Yesterday we had such spot on naps that we were able to start a bath for Liam at 6:00 pm!  This is an excitedly early start for us.  He was asleep by about 7:15.  What is becoming more and more beautifully apparent is that with an earlier bedtime I can actually accomplish something in the evening!  Try to understand that prior to this Liam would fall asleep in the car on the way home from daycare, I let him sleep in the car until around 5:30 (because I didn’t think he’d be ready for bed, but didn’t want him to miss a nap) and then after we rushed through cooking and dinner we would inconsistently and feebly start the bedtime routine around 7:30, not sure if he was sleepy.  And by the time Liam actually stayed asleep it could be around 9-9:30.  The kitchen would be a disaster from our harried dinner.  I would need to correct student work, sometimes try to pump another bottle, wash the pump, and since I hadn’t had a break since I got up at 5:15 a.m. (since I pump during my lunch break at school) I was craving an opportunity to sit and watch tv, check email, waste my life on facebook (sadly my only social life is an online social life)… but within an hour Liam would be back up and then I’d just have to climb into bed with him for the duration of the night.  My days and nights were blending together in a monotonous and energy-draining breathlessness.

After his 7:15 sleep time last night I cleaned the master bathroom (which may leave a question mark hovering over your head…unless you’d seen my bathroom prior to last night), did two loads of laundry, cleaned up dishes from dinner and graded spelling tests.  I’m already wiling away my spare time frivolously blogging.  Except I tell Husband I’m “sleep logging” so that it seems more important.  The Sleep Lady says it helps to log what happens and we will now do whatever The Sleep Lady says.  Yes, including jumping off a bridge.

My own sleep time is a little blurry, because Liam self-soothed during three of his wake-ups, within minutes!  He still woke up the same amount of times, but Husband didn’t have to get out of bed for three of them!  Husband says Liam got him back at 5:15 a.m. because he had decided it was morning time and Husband wouldn’t take him out of the crib (too early by Sleep Lady standards) but after about half an hour Liam fell back asleep until 7 a.m.  Which is the perfect time for me to nurse him before I leave for work.

For Night 4 you move the rocking chair halfway across the room, still in the room where the baby can see you and hear you, but you’re supposed to wean away from the patting, and direct contact.  I’m looking forward to seeing when he stops waking up six times a night.  Maybe tonight??


Read about our sleep adventure from the beginning!

Good Night, Sleep Tight: Intro of What’s to Come

Good Night, Sleep Tight: The First Night

Good Night, Sleep Tight: The Second Night

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Good Night, Sleep Tight: The Second Night

People….this might just work!

Last night I did my winding down routine with Liam and then Husband took over for the tough part.  Husband says there was absolutely no crying but that Liam did stand up and rock back and forth, holding onto the crib rail.  He also tried to play the pick-it-up game with Husband by periodically tossing the lovey over the side of the rail.  By 8:15 he fell asleep by himself.  I want to note here that I do believe he should go to sleep earlier, and plan to implement earlier times, but because his afternoon naps have been running so late he’s pretty active until 7-7:30.  I’m hoping that when this whole scheme goes down his naps will be better and more regulated as well, so his afternoon one will be earlier and his bedtime can move up.

  • He slept 8:15-12:45. Husband got up to help him and came back in the room within 2 minutes.  However, Liam woke up and put himself back to sleep 4 times between 12:48-1:15.  Husband kept going back in to have his presence there for Liam.  Part of the theory we like is that the baby knows you’ll be there if he needs you.  It comforts them and they learn to trust you.
  • Slept from 1:20-3:15.  Husband went in and Liam did the same thing as the last wake-up.  He woke up and put himself back to sleep 4 times between 3:18-3:40.
  • Slept from 3:45-4:45 went back to sleep really quickly and then
  • Woke up at 5:15 went back to sleep quickly
  • Woke up at 5:45 went back to sleep quickly
  • Woke up at 6:25 I got up for the day, nursed him and brought him downstairs.

Liam still woke up often last night, but he has learned to lay down on his own, close his eyes, and eventually fall asleep without nursing or being rocked.  I think he still has a lot of practice ahead, but I see how it can all come together.  And the end result has me giddy.  An exhausted, not-so-much-movement giddiness.

Naptime was different today too.  We did have to modify our original intentions a bit though.  Liam was interacting with us from his crib, not crying, but not being productive with the whole sleep process.  During morning nap Husband left the room while Liam was still awake because Liam was playing.  When Husband left Liam started crying.  Husband decided to give him a few minutes alone and when he went back in to the nursery Liam stopped crying, laid himself down and was asleep within 1 minute.  He slept uninterrupted for 1 hour!

I was in charge of afternoon nap.  I took Liam upstairs and plugged in my ipod.  The Sleep Lady had suggested some soothing classical music for wind-down time.  She said to turn it off when it was actually time to sleep, though, because then it could become a “sleep crutch,” something they need to fall asleep.  White noise is okay though.

So, we listened to some classical lullabye music that I had downloaded, while I changed his diaper and then we rocked and read two books.  I put Liam in the crib and he smiled and began interacting like it was time to play.  I tried to rub his back and have him lay back down, but he chattered away and dropped his pacifier between two crib rails behind his head while grinning up at me.  I decided to leave the room like Husband had done earlier.  I told him, “Good night, have a nice nap!” and closed the door behind me.  He immediately started crying.  I went in my room, busied myself with putting clothes away for a total of about a minute and a half-two minutes before I went back in.  Husband stayed out of the room longer, but seconds felt like minutes to me and I felt like he’d been crying for half an hour.

I went in and hugged him, bending down into the crib.  It was so interesting, as soon as I let go of him he layed himself down and closed his eyes!  However, he was still fidgety and ended up standing up again.  So, I left the room again, repeated everything, and this time when Liam layed down and closed his eyes he truly fell asleep.  And he just finished another 1 hour afternoon nap!  We finished napping by 3:30 p.m. instead of 5:30-6 p.m.!  Yahooey!

I think we’ll be able to try an earlier bedtime for Night 3, tonight!  Challenges ahead–here comes the work week… 


Read about our sleep adventure from the beginning!

Good Night, Sleep Tight: Intro of What’s to Come

Good Night, Sleep Tight: The First Night

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Good Night, Sleep Tight: The First Night

The FIRST NIGHT of following The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight book by Kim West was last night.  See post Good Night, Sleep Tight: Intro of What’s to Come to read about why and what we’ll be doing.

Husband is probably the key-player as he is now the one who’ll be getting up in the middle of the night.  At least until Liam disassociates me with boob/soothing to get back to sleep.  As promised, the first three nights are supposed to be the worst.  Ms. West continues directions to follow for a couple of weeks, but the first three nights are the most important.

I nurse Liam about half an hour before we plan to have him in the crib then we follow the old bedtime routine we did before.  Pajamas, noise-machine turned on and books read.  In the past we would have done those things first and then I would have nursed Liam until he fell asleep.  This time, after Liam’s favorite Peek-a-boo books, Husband comes up to take over.

Husband moves the rocking chair next to the crib and I leave the room around 7:30-7:45 pm.

At 8:10 I still hear crying.

At 8:36 I still hear crying.

At 9:03 I can’t hear crying, but I haven’t seen Husband yet.

At 9:09 I hear crying again and the guilt starts gnawing at me.  Should I go up and save both of them??  Should we cave? Is this not working??

At 9:20 Husband comes downstairs, victorious!

I ask him to tell me what it was like, what did Liam do?  How did Husband respond to everything?  Did he cheat at all?  (Remember, the #1 rule is DON’T TAKE THEM OUT OF THE CRIB, EVER!!…or, you know, until morning…which is specified by time in the book.)

So Husband says that just like we suspected would happen, Liam jumped to standing.  This was our greatest concern because we weren’t exactly confident with how he would respond to the suggestions in the book for getting him back to laying position.  Husband kept laying him back down and rubbing his back and shushing, like the book says.  Liam kept getting back up. And then, the boy who hadn’t pooped for a few days (thank you solid foods), let it all out.  Husband thinks he did it on purpose.  And Husband knew that he was supposed to keep the lights off and was trying to change the massive poop-out in the dark, by the glow of his cell phone.  Hubs even had the book in the nursery with him and tried to refer to it by cell phone light as well.  Way to stick to the regiment, Hubs!  He said that you are actually supposed to change the baby in the crib, but that there was no way he was going to be able to do that without poo getting everywhere, so he took him out for the diaper change.  I’m fine with his modification.

After Liam got put back in the crib and continued his screaming for a total of about an hour or so, he tried a different tactic; standing up and wiggling his finger at Husband through the crib rails, enticing Daddy to play with him.  Husband sat in the rocking chair trying not to laugh and trying to make sure he wasn’t stimulating Liam.  This must have been the break in crying that I noticed from downstairs.

When Liam realized Daddy wasn’t going to play he started walking around his crib, checking out the mechanics of his jail.  Tinkering unobtrusively for his prison break.  Husband said it was like the scene in Jurassic Park where the people are hiding in a room and they think they are safe because the Velociraptor can’t know how to open the door…until the knob begins to turn…

So, finally Liam gave up when he became so sleepy he was wobbling on his feet.  Mind you, this was after about an hour and a half or so.  He succumbed to sitting down, taking the pacifier, and then falling asleep.  On his own.

Great, right?!  But it’s not a sleep miracle, and Ms. West did not promise any miracles on Night 1.  Here’s the following sleep times:

  • slept from about 9:30-12:30.  Husband got up, went in to rub his back, and it took about half an hour for Liam to soothe himself back to sleep.
  • slept from 1-3.  Same soothing techniques and about the same amount of time for husband to be in there.
  • slept from 3:30-4:30.  This time it only took about 10 minutes for Liam to get himself back to sleep (with Husband in the room).
  • slept from 4:40-5:30.  Again, took about 10 minutes to get back down.  I had a quick bout of anxiety at this time, wondering if I should feed him (or get my butt up and pump).  However, the book had said that you don’t want them to get into a bad habit of getting up too early and to try to leave them in the crib until at least 6 a.m.  So, we decided whenever he got up again would be “morning time.”
  • slept from 5:45-6:45. At this point I got up, got him out of the crib, nursed him, and brought him downstairs to start our day.  Considering I get up at 5:15 now for work, this wasn’t so bad.

It may seem like Liam got up a lot, especially if you’re comparing it to your own baby, but this is his usual schedule and right now the focus is getting him to learn to soothe himself.  I hope he can do this after the 3 day mark…although I wouldn’t be surprised if it took a bit longer since he’s older and has some solid bad habits.  When he learns to soothe himself he should be able to sleep longer because he’ll get himself back to sleep during awakening times in his sleep cycle.  And the great news was that he did soothe himself every time!  We were terrified that it would be so horrible that we’d cave and take him out of the crib.

The last thing I want to add to First Night is how napping went today.  The Sleep Lady (Kim West) also discusses napping and gives a general idea of a schedule that you could plan for.  Liam had a horrible napping day.  He started showing signs of being tired around 8:30. By 9 a.m. Husband brought him up to do the techniques for napping.  Liam didn’t fall asleep until 10:10 and only slept until 10:40.  I went up and tried my hand at the routine.

I hugged him, reaching inside the crib.  I rubbed his back and massaged his shoulders while he was standing, crying.  I laid him down on his back, tried to give him his pacifier and his lovey blanket.  I did this over and over again until he fell back asleep at 11:10, sleeping 20 more minutes.

When afternoon nap came around, again he wouldn’t give in for over an hour, but was clearly exhausted.  I went in to relieve Husband (even though the book says for parents to try not to switch places because it could stimulate the baby to see a new person) but it didn’t take long for the same techniques to work for me.  Again, he only slept for about half an hour, I had to go up and do it all again, but he went back to sleep within a couple of minutes; sleeping for about an hour this time…but it was about 4:30-5:30…later than we had wanted him to be napping.

While I’m typing this Husband is working on Night 2!

…to be continued…

Good Night, Sleep Tight: Intro of What’s to Come

It was time. We had to do something about sleep. Before I went back to work I was okay with letting things continue as they were, with my fingers crossed that someday he would just get old enough to want to sleep. Of course, as the months continued to tick by and the countdown to my return to work loomed, “old enough” meant by the time he was 8 months old. Liam is 9 months old tomorrow, so that didn’t happen. I also know that growth milestones affect babies’ sleep patterns. I swear to you that this child slept through the night when he was 3 months old, but by 4 months old he started getting teeth and hasn’t stopped hitting milestones since then. But I’m ready to work past the milestones too.

Our old routine went like this: I rocked and nursed Liam until he fell asleep, then attempted to lay him down in the crib. Sometimes he would settle right in and sleep, but most times he’d pop into sitting position which quickly became standing, holding onto the rail. All while screaming indignantly at being put down. I would try to rock or bounce him back to sleep, or text Husband to come take my place. The process could take over an hour, sometimes two. And when I returned to work taking two hours holed up in Liam’s nursery wasn’t feasible. I needed to correct student work, get/eat dinner, clean the pump, wash bottles, re-pack bags for the next day, get ready for bed, try to get my own sleep. The worst part was that he then would wake up about every 1-2 hours. It seemed like the fastest, easiest way (with my alarm clock glaring brightly at me) was to just bring him back to bed with me and let him use me as a pacifier all night. This was all he wanted…why not just do it for now? (By the way, I tried incessantly to give him an actual pacifier in my place, but he could smell the difference a foot away and would start wildly swinging his arms and screaming an angry, angry cry at the attempt to dupe him into a faux nipple.) I felt like I was getting more sleep bed-sharing than when I was sitting upright in the rocking chair for 45 minute chunks every 1-2 hours. Besides, Husband and I both like bed-sharing with Liam, so why not snuggle up with the baby?

But it wasn’t restful. For me, Liam, or Husband. Liam was still waking up every couple of hours, but he would scream until I nursed him. And it was for comfort instead of nutrition. He used to let Husband hold him until he fell back asleep, but now that wasn’t happening either. No one was sleeping through the night.

I’m still not comfortable with letting him “cry it out.” I know it works for some people. I even know some people who were vehemently against it, into attachment parenting, and still ended up turning to this method. Through the help of a friend I’ve found a method that I feel I can work with.

The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight book is by Kim West. She is a family therapist who has studied and specialized in children’s sleep issues. I like her book for several reasons:

  • She speaks of attachment parenting/cosleeping/breastfeeding as a normal thing, and describes real-life scenarios that I can actually relate to.
  • She does not guarantee a NO-cry solution, but she does believe in soothing the child while they are upset; which I can work with.
  • The book discusses sleep issues from newborns to five years old. You don’t have to feel like a slacker for starting the sleep process (or Sleep Lady Shuffle, as she called it) at nine months old. You just skip the earlier chapters and read the information that is relevant to your needs.

The things I suspected I was doing “wrong” were correct. We will be disassociating nursing with sleep. Which I knew had to happen, but I like having a plan in front of me. I also knew Liam needed tools to self-soothe. Some babies have pacifiers, loveys, suck fingers…Liam would have nothing but the boob. I tried to get him attached to so many things, including taking my shirt off one night, while holding him as he slept to try to deposit him in the crib still wrapped in my scent. Didn’t work. He also stands up, so I didn’t know how to help him soothe himself while he was actively standing.

This book covers all of these things! It gives easy, step-by-step directions and covers napping too. In the shortest coverage possible, you essentially put the baby in the crib while still drowsy, but NOT ASLEEP. Then she gives lots of suggestions and tips for helping them soothe themselves. She even has a small section about “alert children,” which was the epitome of Liam. A little bit more of a challenge, but still manageable, Ms. West promises. While the baby will probably be very upset and cry (with the first 3 nights promising to be the worst) you don’t leave them by themselves. You sit in a chair right outside the crib, you shush or quietly sing, you can even rub their back, help them find a pacifier or lovey…but DO NOT TAKE THEM OUT OF THE CRIB!!!

So, I will inevitably be night-weaning Liam now, but I’m okay with it because I know he doesn’t need it for nutritional value and I also know that as happy as we are as a snuggly, nursing pair we will be an even happier well-rested family. I think my students will be thankful too. Oh, and Ms. West doesn’t force you to wean your infant in order to follow this method; I snuck a peek at the earlier months and she is supportive of breastfeeding at certain times in the night when it is still necessary. She never tells you that you need to wean altogether.

So now to dedicate the next 3 blog posts to the torturous FIRST 3 NIGHTS. As the 1st night was last night I will be piggy-backing that post with this one. Let’s see how we do!