I started with an alias, Mama B., on this blog; but I believe the jig is up and most of you reading this know by now my name is Katie.  I began writing this blog while I was pregnant with my first bebe, Liam and I think the only one reading my sappy Bebe Diary was my aunt.  (Love you, Auntie Sherron!)

After I gave birth to my Baby Love, a.k.a. Liam, I made The Bebe Diaries more about my adjustment to becoming a mom.  The blog has evolved into sentimental snark about pregnancy and mothering two littles as Nora Adeline joined our family in April 2012.

I’m a little crunchy.  I am eco-friendly, a lactivist and somewhat of an activist (really I can just get hot-headed and it’s hard to stop running my mouth) and as an educator I believe that public education could actually be a relevant learning center for all children, if we let it.

My blog recently reached a local crowd and I was asked to contribute to a magazine published in my city.  Raising Maine (www.raisingmaine.com) is a publication geared toward Maine families.  As you could probably infer from the title.  I’m excited to share my thoughts as a mom and hope you enjoy reading these quips from my day.

*This blog, The Bebe Diaries, is writing exclusive to the owner of this blog.  If you are using any part of my writing or pictures you must contact me for permission first.  Links and pingbacks are welcome when referring to this blog.

Mama B. carrying B.B.

pregnant with Nora

sweet baby Nora

Liam 2 years old

Mama B with her two littles




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