Hammy Downs

We have received a plethora of girl clothes as hand-me-downs (“hammy downs”). Mountains of them. I have bins stuffed full of clothes from ages newborn to 7 years. Not so many after 2T, but some. I hardly understand how there is a market for ALL of the new baby girl clothes in stores. I mean, I understand why people want to buy the adorableness of  baby couture, but the necessity of buying new has been barely justifiable for me. Luckily, I was able to indulge as Nora was low on some seasonal staples, like footie pajamas for 3-6 months. We’re good now.

A Hammy Down hat photo shoot

Meanwhile, I was going to hoard Liam’s clothes in bins in the basement, but key word being hoard here, I had to let go. Of some. Ok, most. I divided it up into a small amount of gender neutral that Nora could wear, a small amount of MUST KEEP items–just in case, and then split the remaining into “giveaway” or “consign.” Then I let a friend rifle through the consign bags.

Have you been [happily] bombarded by hammy downs? What’s your philosophy on previously-loved clothing?



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