Keeping Things Kosher

It just warms my heart to return to my blog account after a serious hiatus because of life stressors weighing me down to find that I still have people coming to visit my blog.


Tonight was Parent Night at Liam’s new school. This was a 2 hour event where we noshed on potluck with our knees up to our chins in miniature chairs while listening to the school’s overall early childhood education intent and then was able to meet in the toddler room to hear about their personal curriculum. My eyes teared up with gratitude at being able to find such a nurturing, learning-rich, community driven place. Listening to his new teachers talk about the toddlers learning from guided play and how in-tune they are with every child’s needs made me leave with a more positive, uplifted feeling than I have in a while.

It was probably also a good thing I made it to Parent Night at the Jewish Community Alliance (where Liam is attending the Early Childhood Education program) because I learned the ham and cheese sandwiches we’ve packed him every day since he’s been there are basically the worst thing you can bring into a Jewish establishment. We’re all leaving the JCA more educated today, as I now know a little more about what kosher means. (Meat and dairy can not touch each other. And PIG meat…even worse.)

We are not Jewish, but I love that Liam is learning some tradition amongst the rest of his education at the JCA. On Fridays they celebrate a semblance of shabbat before the children leave. I also learned tonight that shabbat is a sort of way of welcoming the Sabbath day of rest. They eat challah bread, sing songs and the children receive Mitzvah Awards for good deeds they’ve been seen doing. Liam got one for sharing the pinwheel he brought from home and his teacher said he didn’t let go of that paper certificate all day. It traveled out to recess, he gripped it through snack, I think he even clutched it through nap. It was a little wrinkled by the time it came to hang in all of its glory on the kitchen wall.

It makes me giggle that I heard someone use the verb schlepping in real-life context tonight and that I heard Liam hollering to Nana, “Shabbat, shabbat, shalom!!!!” Not giggle in a disrespectful way, just in a new-vocabulary-is-fun kind of way. I think, if anything, it amplifies the depth and width of the education he’s receiving.



3 thoughts on “Keeping Things Kosher

  1. Milk and meat should not even touch in your stomach. They cannot be served at the same meal-so no steak at dinner followed by ice cream at dessert. No pig! No shellfish! Ahhhhh!

    • The teachers are super understanding and tolerant of the fact that the center opens its doors to non-Jewish families and that we haven’t had a clue. But now that we know I will be trying my best not to offend! I may however, have ice cream after my steak at home. 🙂

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