Flashback Friday {Waking Up My Heart}

The other day someone left a truly lovely comment on an old post. It inspired me to go back in time and re-read some of the posts from when Liam was a wee little bebe. I thought it wasn’t that long ago, but reading those posts made me feel like I was already forgetting what Liam was like as a baby. I know he and Nora look alike as babies because even Liam will look at baby pictures of himself and say, “Baby Nora!”, but then I just went through baby pictures of both of them so that I could post them here and show HOW much alike they were…and it’s not as similar as I thought. A lot of similarities, but enough differences that I couldn’t remember. I did find two that showed how similar I was originally thinking, but I couldn’t pull just any random shot. Sometimes I’ll be out in public and an adult will see Nora and look down at their school age child and say, “I remember when you were that small.” What if I forget how Liam was when he was that small?? And Nora too, when she actually is alive long enough for me to have a problem not remembering things. I’m so grateful I at least blogged irregularly, it brought memories back to me with details I had forgotten. Just capturing those everyday moments was worth every second I put into typing those posts.

In honor of digging up those precious memories, I’d like to share an Oldie-butta-Goodie that I really treasured finding. Click HERE to be transported back into Bebe Diaries time. I promise you’ll enjoy it. PROMISE. Leave me a comment if it was worth the Flashback!

Liam 2 months-ish

Nora 2 months


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