Those 3 Words

On Wednesday Liam said “I wuuuvvv oooo.” It came out of nowhere and while I will never forget those words coming out of his mouth I couldn’t even tell you what we were doing. I think I got a little dizzy with joy too, so the whole event, except the words, is a little blurry. In fact, I was almost worried I had heard him wrong so I said, “I love you?” and he repeated it, for clarification.

The next morning Daddy was playing with him in our bed; chasing, tickling, gently butting heads as those males do. Liam was laying on his back, reaching up for Daddy’s face and said, “Daaddeee, I wuuuvv oooo.” Ohhhh my heavens let the tears rain down. I don’t know how my husband didn’t sob his way to work that morning.

Of course, on a roll, and empowered with his new-found powerful sentence, Liam also told the secretary at the diabetes center that he loved her. What can I say? He’s friendly.

This is one of those motherhood moments that I have been waiting for. I know my little boy loves me. He kisses me and hugs me with arms tight around my neck like a baby chimp. He cares for me when I fall. But hearing him say I love you is a pool of golden happiness that hugs my heart.

This is also his first time stringing three words together. Even two words is not something he does often. (And when he told Daddy he loved him that was four!) I believe that he’s hitting some really cool developmental milestones right now and that’s why he’s having restless sleep during the night. One of his other noticeable achievements this week is jumping with both feet off of the ground. He’s been trying unsuccessfully to do this for months, especially when he’s grooving his magical dance moves to music, and this week he managed it! Now he prefers a lot of hopping about while dancing.

After all that my Liam is and all he can do, you mean that there’s MORE??


One thought on “Those 3 Words

  1. Katie, I love your blog so much. I feel like I’m watching Liam grow up before I have even met him. Love you all, Auntie Sherron

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