Sweet Baby Liam

What a boy I have. WHAT a BOY I HAVE! We had such a lovely day together; playdate and walk outside with his best bud, good nap, and then some snuggling as he woke up. I ran to the grocery store and when I got back Liam helped me unpack the groceries for the first time in his little life. It was the be-still-my-heart adorable to watch him pick up even the heaviest of items and stagger to the fridge where every single item was then packed onto the bottom shelf or in the produce bins. Including items like honey and crackers. The determined look as he would tug on the fridge and how he babbled the whole time, announcing items that he had picked up, it was a moment that I will love forever. Every time I would tell him thank you for being such a great helper it would fuel his determination and he would nod and agree that he was indeed Mommy’s best helper.

The sweetness does not stop here, my friends, although it does take a slight turn for the worse first. After rearranging a few fridge items I went back out the door to our garage to get my forgotten purse and cell phone from the car. I left the door open as Liam was following me and just wanted to watch to see where I was going. On the way down the stairs my ankle rolled and I fell a few steps to a landing section. I did not fall on my baby belly, mostly caught myself by my hands and was able to roll to my side as I clutched my ankle and cried out.

Liam was severely traumatized. He let out several high-pitched screams in between crying hysterically and pointing down at me. I could do nothing for him because I was half a flight of stairs away, crying and moaning out in pain too. I heard the running footsteps of Husband within the house and he was very quickly able to assess damage (Did you fall on the baby? No. Ankle? It feels broken, I heard a snapping sound. OK, I will be right back I’m going to pick up Liam.) He tried to calm Liam and tried to pick up/assist his 7 month pregnant wife back up the stairs, helping me onto the armchair and raising my leg onto the ottoman, grabbing towels and bags of ice.

Liam was still terrified despite my giving him a hug before getting into the house and trying to calmly tell him that Mommy was hurt but it was going to be okay. He climbed up to sit with me and snuggled in closely between my body and the arm of the chair. He watched intently as the ice packs were administered to my foot/ankle. I explained it was ice and would help Mommy feel better. I told him it was coooolllddd. He pulled the blanket down from the back of the chair and draped it across me. He kept leaning in and kissing me on the lips. He brushed his hand across my eyes and cheeks to wipe away my tears (which really only made me cry harder). And then he would crinkle his eyes and laugh and smile at me, willing me to do the same by peeking out at me to make sure I was smiling too. He stayed with me on the chair for over half an hour, attempting to entertain me with different iPad apps. He really cheered me up by accidentally opening Photo Booth and allowing me to take a few funky pictures of the two of us on the chair.

For your curiosity’s sake I will end the post by telling you that I’m pretty sure there’s no significant damage to my ankle. I don’t know what the snapping noise/feeling was, but after icing the ankle all swelling went down and there was no bruising. It’s sore, but I’m able to put pressure on it and walk. Also feeling lots of movement (or at least hiccups) from the baby. No need to go to the ER, Thank GOD. What a nightmare that would have been. 7 months pregnant, with an “active” 21 month old, lots of stairs in my house, working full-time and being on crutches. I don’t think so.

I was a lucky gal, to be cared for by those boys tonight. And the caring, helpful, protective heart of my son was such a new treasure to see in his personality. My heart just drowns and dies in the love and cuteness.

Stretchy Pic from Photo Booth

My angel/lion boy

Rainbow Mommy & Liam


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