What We’re Eating: Pork Medallions/Cranberry Chutney/Sweet, Sweet Potatoes

Dinner tonight was one of the fastest, easiest, and overall healthiest meals I’ve made in awhile! I feel so good about how I feel full, but not over-full, that I’m gonna go ahead and finish off the locally made mint chocolate chip gelato in the freezer now. (Aahh, pregnancy. Oh crap…glucose screening is tomorrow. Rethink gelato.)

So, I bet you’re never going to guess where I found the main part of this recipe. Pinterest, you say? Ok, you guessed right. If you’re on pinterest, feel free to check out my “Yum” board for this and other recipes I’ve found. Specifically, though, the pin led me to Better Home & Gardens’ website and a list of their 20 Helathy Dinner Recipes for Under $3. I honestly don’t know how they made this meal for under $3. It wasn’t too expensive, but it was not under $3. My pork loin alone was $6.92. But I buy meat that’s as natural and unprocessed as possible so maybe if you buy meat jacked up with preservatives and hormones you can save a couple bucks. Now, on that appetizing note, here’s what we ate:

The pork medallions and cranberry chutney were so simple. For the chutney, you dump the ingredients into a small saucepan (cranberries, apple juice, brown sugar, rosemary, salt, pepper…), bring to a boil and then let simmer for about 5 minutes.

I added homemade roasted sweet potatoes as a side for our meal, which I put into the oven just before starting the chutney. I only used 1 large sweet potato for Husband and myself. There was even a few left for Liam to try, but we constantly end up eating after he goes to bed. Tonight especially, as we were watching the end of the Patriots championship game! Anyhooo… Sweet, Sweet Potatoes:

1 (or more) sweet potato, cut up into cubes. I eyeball around 1- 1 1/2 inces pieces.

agave nectar

olive oil



Put potato cubes into small bowl. Squirt agave nectar on until you feel they are sufficiently coated. I went slightly overboard tonight, but they just came out extra sweet, almost a little candied on some. I tossed the potato with a little olive oil too. Then I tossed in some salt, pepper and paprika. I always put paprika on my potatoes! And I always eyeball the seasonings. Sorry, see, this is why I don’t actually have a cooking blog.

Roast the potatoes on aluminum foil-covered sheet at 425 degrees. I start at 20 minutes, add another 5 if they’re not crispy enough, and if they’re still not crispy enough for me at 25 minutes I broil for a minute or 2. Tonight I took them out at 25 minutes.

While the sweet potatoes were roasting and the chutney finishing its quick simmer, I prepared the pork. I had my pork loin that I had justified as small enough for my family and followed the recipe, cutting it into 1 inch thick circles. I pounded them a couple of times to get similar consistency and then seasoned them with salt and pepper. The recipe called for pork seasoning and I hadn’t gone to the trouble to look for any, but I did have “poultry seasoning” on my spice rack, so I sparingly sprinkled that over as well. I also sent a little prayer up to the kitchen gods that I wasn’t completely ruining the pork with my naive cooking confidence.

You throw the pork medallions into a skillet. Let them cook a few minutes on each side. Voila!! You had taken the chutney off the burner and set aside, your potatoes are just about to come out of the oven, and your meat is done!

For our vegetable, I was going to make a roasted broccoli recipe that I will probably share later, but I had some spinach that needed to be used up. I am absolutely famous [in my house] for the Lazy Woman’s Salad. I take about 2-3 ingredients, throw them on top of each other, and call it a salad. Tonight I put a pile of raw spinach on the plate (because I prefer raw veggies, otherwise I would suggest throwing the leaves quickly in your still-hot pork pan to wilt them a little with all of the browned pork flavor), and put a dollop of the chutney on top. Simple, quick, easy…all words I like to cook by.

Here, my friends, is the finished product:

Pretty, n’est pas? And tasty. Husband’s favorite part was the Sweet, Sweet Potatoes.



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