First Haircut {All the better to see you with}

My shaggy-haired little boy got his first haircut today! We went to a locally-owned kid’s cut place called Trimmings. We met Liam’s bff “Wy-ee” (Wyatt) and his mom at this super cute joint, and when Liam and I walked through the door Wyatt ran over with a grin on his face gesturing for me to release his buddy. They raced each other to the play kitchen and train table, not realizing the fate that awaited them as soon as the other other little boy beyond the partition finished his cut.

The little boy getting his hair cut at that time was occupying a fire truck seat. One of the seats in Trimmings is a fire truck and another is a yellow taxi car. The kiddie-stylists (?) had the great idea to turn the vehicles toward each other so that the boys could distract each other while getting their hair cut, so we were waiting for the first patron to be finished.

Wyatt had a couple of cuts under his belt, and his mom was ready with a bag of tricks. Liam naively agreed to be put into the yellow cab seat. But as soon as the cape came around his shoulders he popped the wubba (more on wubba next post) out of his mouth, shrugged and wiggled his shoulders, crying out, “Noooooo! Noooo!”

The sweet gal with the scissors was quick and wiley. She danced around Liam’s head with the silver shears singing through the air as I pointed out the mirror, the game on my iphone, Wyatt (who was also wiggling and telling his stylist “All done! All done!”), anything to distract him and keep him from acquiring a bald spot from a sudden movement.

Liam (and wubba) are wary of what's going on

Liam wishing the cab would get the hell outta there

"Wy-ee" says, "Leave these curls alone!"

No, I didn’t cry. Inadvertently, while distracting Liam I distracted myself. I had requested a trim. Don’t lose the curls, cut the bangs enough so he can see, don’t leave him with a mullet. I think she did a great job, but as all ladies know, the true test comes after the stylists work is washed out. We shall see.


Look at the certificate and his little curls we get to put in his Special Box!

Meanwhile, I met a mama who has a 12 month old and was visibly surprised to hear that I hadn’t cut Liam’s hair as of Friday evening. I know if their hair doesn’t curl up or lay off to the side, like Liam’s did, it’s a necessary early occurance. Any other mamas out there held out on the first cut, or did you give in sooner than we did?


3 thoughts on “First Haircut {All the better to see you with}

  1. What a grown up now!! I’m glad he survived! 😉
    We still haven’t cut Neely’s hair and she’s 21 months old! We are going to wait much much longer but if she was a boy we would have prob cut it a few months ago.

  2. Looks like they did a great job!
    You wouldn’t guess by the looks of her head, but Leah has had 6 trims in her short 2 years!
    We started at 9 months or so, because she had a tail, and now she requests haircuts (daddy goes every 4 weeks) so we let her get a trim every 3-6 months or so. It probably makes her hair grow longer 🙂

  3. Cedric was over 18months, but his was super super curly. Liams had to be cut at like 13 months because it was so long. Now, I buzz his when I do his brother and daddy’s hair.

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