Hair Tape & Play Dough

Today was a more appropriately chilly January day in Maine. 18 degrees by my car’s dashboard, and when I got to work I realized that one of Liam’s mittens was in my bag. I knew his school would find something to cover his hand in such cold, but figured I’d drop off the mitten at lunch time anyway, just in case.

When I poked my head into the Toddler Room at ROOTS I couldn’t spot Liam for a minute. I scanned the small critters children, waved to the teachers…and then fell into the room, laughing.  Here’s what I spotted:

My shaggy-haired boy had his hair taped back like it was a barette. “Liam! I think maybe it’s time to get a haircut!” I told him as I scooped him up. I should clarify for a second that this was medical tape (not so sticky) and I was in no way upset that his hair was taped back. His hair is so adorable…if it falls just right. His bangs sweep old-school Beiber-style (you know, Beiber 2 years ago) and fall into reddish-blond curls along the back of his head. However, I recognize that the bangs have gotten a little longer and with the dry, winter air his hair has done less perfect sweeping and more frizzing over his eyes. And those precious curls stick out into more of a rat’s nest. I know, I know…he must get his first haircut. JUST A TRIM, THOUGH! And we will leave most of the curls until he sports a hockey player mullet.

Also, you’ll notice from the pictures above that the toddlers were playing with Play Doh at ROOTS when I stopped by. It reminded me of when I used to nanny and we’d make our own Play Dough. I refuse to spell it incorrectly when I make it myself. Why hadn’t I done that yet with Liam? Poor Liam, neglected by the working mommy. My guilt had to be squelched immediately, so after we got home and I whipped up a meatloaf, washed dishes, changed a pooey diaper, [washed my hands], Liam climbed up onto his “Learning Tower” to help mix the Play Dough.

My mom used to cook from a book called Feed Me I’m Yours by Vicki Lansky. The copyright date is 1974.

After I had Liam my mom passed it on to me. Besides some easy baking recipes and first food ideas, there are recipes for things like homemade clay, paints, and play dough. There are three play dough recipes, actually, and the one I remember making with my mom requires stove-top cooking. I did it this way with the girls I nannied for too, but this time I updated the recipe a little with the help of my good friend Google. I found the same ingredients but instead of heating it all in a pot you put it in your Kitchen-Aid Mixer with the bread hook attachment and add hot water instead of cold water. For real! Soooo much easier. And safer for Liam to help all the way through.

Liam adds the Cream of Tartar

I like that I don’t have to worry about little ones putting this dough in their mouths–all of the ingredients are natural and safe.

All of the ingredients were in my Kitchen-Aid mixer with the bread hook attachment. We-okay, I– decided on blue dough.

And then he gets to SQUISH!

 This is how I followed/tweaked the recipe:

In your Kitchen-Aid mixer bowl add

1 cup all-purpose flour

1/4 cup salt

2 Tbsp. cream of tartar

1 Tbsp. canola oil

If you are only making one color (or no dye) then add food coloring now with your

1 cup of hot water

Let bread hook attachment knead the dough for about 5-6 minutes.

(If you want more than one color you skip color, make dough, divide it up, stick it back in the mixer to mix and add color. I would also suggest multiplying the recipe by however many colors you are making as this amount is good for one batch.)

Go make some play dough with your critters!


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