What We’re Eating: Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie Cups

Even more exciting than how absolutely delicious this recipe is, was the fact that Liam ATE some!  Have we discussed the fact that he only eats hummus, grapes and veggie sticks?  Oh no, I’m not talking about veggie sticks as in carrots and celery. I mean the potato stick kind that let you live in denial about the fact you give your kid chips because it says there’s spinach (powder) and tomato (puree) in them.  Liam’s immature palate is less frustrating than the fact that I’ll give him something to try and he won’t even put it in his mouth. He winds up and throws it with a satisfying splat onto the floor. How does he even know he doesn’t like strawberries or peanut butter crackers??

So I made these delectable Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie Cups via the Between 3 Sisters’ blog. (Also pinned on my “YUM” pinterest board.)  They were SO easy. And it helped that I had leftover chicken breast already cooked from the night before, because that would have been the only time-consumer. I used Trader Joe’s biscuits and the other ingredients were all organic or natural. The blog gives you ways to cut some calories and fat by using reduced-fat cheese and biscuits, etc., but I chose to use full-fat ingredients this time.  It’s more difficult to find organic/natural products that are “reduced-fat.” Whatever. I’m pregnant. Who cares??

Besides the biscuits you need a cup of diced, cooked chicken breast, a cup of frozen mixed veggies, a can of cream of chicken soup (I used an organic brand and couldn’t find a reduced-fat version), 2/3 cup cheddar cheese, dried parsely, onion powder, black pepper. Cooks for about 12 minutes and VOILA! your chicken pot pie morsels are bubbling and golden brown.

Oh, and I happened to have 2 cans of 8-count biscuits and the mixture that I made was enough to fill all 16 biscuits instead of the 10-count biscuits that the recipe calls for.  They might have made the biscuit part thinner though and I’m happy with the thick amount of biscuit that I had.

I have a thought for Liam and other young eaters. While he did eat some he mostly ate biscuit. I think he has a texture thing for chunky food items.  I think next time I will take some of the chicken mixture and blend it up.  Then I can also put it into miniature sized muffin tins as well (cutting the biscuits smaller to fit the mini cups) and sneakily get those blended veggies in there.

Tomorrow I am bringing leftovers for lunch and we will see if this recipe will go with the golden few that save well when re-heated!  I hope so because this was so easy and made so many.


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