What We’re Eating: Roasted Garlic-Potato Soup & Cheesy Bread

I haven’t posted a “What We’re Eating” recipe in a while. Oh, wait, that’s because I haven’t been cooking. Had to get through that 1st trimester vomiting and going to bed at 7 pm.

Even though the weather has been pretty mild this week–in the 60s during the day– it’s cooled down to freezing temps at night. So, it’s time to break out those hearty recipes. Time to stick more to my ribs than a baby.

I am no chef. I am good at following directions though, so sticking to the recipe works for me. Sometimes I’ll veer from it if I’ve made it quite a few times and my confidence is strong. These two recipes were both new to me, though. Maiden voyages tonight.  And as with most of my recipes these days, I found it on pinterest and have it pinned on my “YUM” board (for those of you who follow me on pinterest). One of these recipes is from a cooking recipe website and the other is from a cooking blog, which my blog definitely is not.  Those food blog folks actually make magic with recipes and their pictures of the steps along the way always look so perfect!

The Roasted Garlic-Potato Soup was so delicious and the most perfect texture. It has bacon in it, diced potatoes AND mashed potato as well as carrot, onion and a LOT of garlic. I’d say the most tedious part, the part that almost made me not want to make it again, was that you roast 5 heads of garlic and then peel apart the roasted cloves and squeeze it into a pureed juice. Roasted garlic is the absolute stickiest substance I’ve ever touched. I think all sticky analogies (molasses, honey, peanut butter) should be substituted with roasted garlic from here out.  However, the soup was worth it. Every sticky second of garlicness. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Plus, garlic helps boost your immune system and I want all the garlic I can get because I’m going to visit a brand new baby (and his mama) this week and we can’t compromise our visit…or the baby’s health of course.

Then, in my usual OCD fashion, I spent too long obsessing over the details of the recipes and making sure that I dice not chop, and totally underestimated the time it would take for the bread dough I was making to rise. This was also my first time ever making bread from scratch, so I guess I wouldn’t know much about bread rising.  Now that it’s done, at 10:00 pm, it looks amaaazing! Luckily there is plenty of soup left over to have with the bread for lunch tomorrow. Here’s a link to the blog A Little Bit of Everything, and her recipe for Cheesy Herb Pull-Apart Bread.

How fancy am I?? I made bread that you can pull-apart and has pockets of oozing, gooey cheddar, dill, and parsley all through it! I think I’ll collapse into bed now, after feeling pretty damn good about my mad kitchen skills.

P.S. Why does that good food accomplishment feeling always get drowned by the sink full of dishes? Stupid dishes.


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