Oh My Namaste, I Needed That

Tonight I started a prenatal yoga class taught by a mommy friend, Lara Schneider.  Her son is equally as “active” as Liam and they are buds together at their school, ROOTS.  Lara has this calm, but inviting energy that pulled me in like a magnet from the first time I met her.  When she posted a flyer for her class on facebook I knew that this was just the sort of thing I needed.

I’m busy.  No, I mean really busy.  Like mom of a wild child, working full-time (as in traveling between 6 schools, lesson planning, professional conferences, correcting assignments), taking a college course (sometimes 6 homework assignments a week), trying (reeallly trying) to stay on top of house necessities….and oh yeah, pregnant.

This poor BB2 has become the after-thought.  The “oh yeah.”  Not like with Liam when I was all I need to lay down, I’m pregnant.  Or, I wonder what that baby’s doing in there right now…maybe I’ll sing the baby a song.  BB2 is already getting Liam’s hand-me-downs; he or she gets the songs and stories I sing to Liam.

I have this stone with a carving in it of a woman figure carrying a heart in her full belly.  I’ve started carrying it in my pocket so that whenever I rub my thumb over the etching I can take that small moment to give my little, growing baby a second of my undivided energy and thoughts.

My pregnancy reminder

Besides really needing some physical activity in my life beyond the stairs that I climb and chasing Liam from room to room, I really wanted this prenatal yoga class to be a time where I centered my energy on my body and this new baby.  From my experience with prenatal yoga classes, including this one, the instructor guides your meditation to include thinking about the baby or touching the belly to connect with the baby.  The movements and poses are carefully selected as ones that will strengthen your body for carrying a baby and giving birth.  No, they’re not weird, different yoga poses, they’re poses that you would normally do that just focus on opening and stretching the areas that you want opened and stretched.  Eerrr.  I mean…okay I don’t mean….Whatever.  You know.

So, tonight I feel refreshed, limber and I also like I got some QT with BB2.  I’m posting Lara’s flyer below because they are ongoing classes, drop-ins welcome, and I know there’s room for more to join.  The space in the studio is just open, gorgeous hardwood, and bright paint.





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