NIP: Response to TODAY Show Excerpt

This is the email I just bombed the TODAY show with through as many different contact and comment places possible:

I just watched the most UNINTELLIGENT conversation from these alleged “professionals” about breastfeeding in public. Whoever your hostess is was quite biased in her opinion and made the most disgusting analogy to breastfeeding (i.e. nutrition for your child) and using the bathroom (i.e. excreting waste from your body.)
Your “doctor” was asked point-blank if there was a biological reason women should breastfeed in public and her response was that it is a “natural thing” and society is too “Puritanical.” Both true, but where is the medical information that could have been inserted, stating that a woman does, in fact, need to breastfeed constantly and on-demand in order to keep enough of a milk supply to adequately feed her baby? That, yes, if I hadn’t breastfed my son in public I would have had to stay home and wallow in the hormonal mess that only someone who’s given birth can understand.
Your “lawyer” did not state once that breastfeeding in public is protected by law in every single state. That the hostess can have her wretched opinion about breastfeeding (she’s obviously not a mother) but that a woman CAN breastfeed wherever she is otherwise lawfully allowed to be and DOES NOT have to be covered.
I’m not sure why you have a “professional man” on the panel, but his only point was that HE didn’t want to have an uncomfortable conversation with his four year old. Well, your four year old obviously wasn’t breastfed because any four year old who was breastfed doesn’t bat an eye about it. THEY know simply that the baby is being fed. And, if a child was curious and asked about it all that needs to be replied is that that’s how babies are fed. They drink milk from their mothers. Plain and simple.
All of the “professionals” made many comments about how “of COURSE” a woman should be modest about it. You are now speaking of an infringement upon a woman’s right to breastfeed anywhere she needs to, however she needs to. All you need to do is search youtube and you will find many a video of what MOST babies and toddlers do when they are covered. They scream or simply pull the cover off. They don’t like being covered and it makes the task much more difficult and much more obvious.
The next time you have “professionals” discussing an important topic like breastfeeding in public please remember two things. This is not a topic for which people should have any opinion if they are not the one breastfeeding. It does not concern them and it would be illegal to infringe upon or harass a woman who is breastfeeding. Secondly, please get an actual, knowledgeable human being, like a Board Certified Lactation Consultant.
Shame on you, Today Show, for passing biased opinions off as professional advice and information.

I seem to be unable to embed the video code for the show segment.  I’m going to send you to Minnesota JoY’s blog since she is clearly more capable than I am.  Feel free to view the idiocy for yourself.  I can’t bear to watch it again.  I get so infuriated.



4 thoughts on “NIP: Response to TODAY Show Excerpt

  1. Not every state has laws protecting breastfeeding in public. The state of Michigan does (where I live), but it only covers public nudity and leaves mothers wide open for discrimination. I can legally be asked to leave an establishment if they have a problem with breastfeeding.

    • That is horrible!! But see, if a true legal expert familiar with breastfeeding was talking about nursing in public they should have been able to enlighten people about state-by-state law. And if there was a legal expert who was an advocate then they could have pointed out the “good” state laws and state laws that needed to improve. And maybe how you could contact state representatives to help make changes. It makes me so angry how the Today show had the perfect opportunity to advocate for mothers and children and instead they took mothers and children 10 steps backwards in their rights and acceptance in public.

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