Real Good Food

While healthy is an optimal goal when it comes to food, I have one higher priority. I want the food that my family eats to be real.  Real food means that it’s prepared by you with only ingredients that are unmodified or unchanged by humans.  I’ll take some fat and calories if I can leave out the preservatives, chemicals and toxins.  I try to stay away from packaged foods that have ingredients that involve enriched products, high fructose corn syrup, or too many words that look like they came from a science textbook.  It really pleases me to find packaged food that only has a few ingredients like peanut butter, salt, oil, for example.

Liam’s learning how to eat different solid textures.  It appears the child has a hankering for the carbs and sweets. I don’t exactly let him eat sweets but when he has had a sampling of ice cream or some other tasty treat he doesn’t want to stop and has been known to throw a tantrum when I take it away.  Fruits and veggies, however, he’ll have none of it.  I’m hoping that it’s just a texture thing.  Meanwhile, I’ll have to continue sneaking them in by mixing them into other foods.

In my quest to make REAL FOOD I’ve searched my newest addiction Pinterest for food blogs that have great examples of such recipes.  I’m going to let you find the recipe for Homemade Cheez-Its on this blog called Ready Made.  It is not a low-fat snack.  But I used local and organic products, and besides water there are only three other ingredients…so we’ll just try to snack on them in moderation.

Here’s some of the prep:

Cutting the dough into classic Cheez-It shapes

Use a chopstick to make the center dot

They puff up in the oven!

I need to get cooling racks with smaller mesh wire

And, voila! While camping last weekend we were snacking on delicious, homemade cheesey crackers.  For my first time baking them, I would say that I have to figure out how to get them to stay in and crisp up for about 5 more minutes without burning the bottoms of them.  They were still delcious, but mine came out a little more like delicious, cheesey bread morsels than crackers, but I had taken them out 5 minutes early because it looked like the bottoms were getting too toasty.  I didn’t really mind this unexpected outcome, though!

Enjoy Ready Made’s recipe and please share any recipes or Real Food ideas with me!


One thought on “Real Good Food

  1. I always talk about using real food, or whole food but hardly every feel like I take the time to explain it. I’m glad that you did. I feel like processed food is screwing us, both in that it’s unhealthy and that it seems to cause diseases and can easily cause cancer.

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