Me Oh May

Yes, yes, I know it’s June. I also know that May was the best month for me to blog about as we had the BIG 1st BIRTHDAY! As well as the baptism and visits from family.  I mean, come-on, what other mommy blog fuel could I be given?  (And how about my first night sleeping away from Liam??)  As inspiration-filled as I should have been, I still could not manage to pull out the laptop during the week and as previously implied I was a tad busy on the weekends. I’m pretty sure I’m about a big of an EPIC FAIL possible (or whatever it is the kids are calling it these days), but I do think that May deserves a re-cap.

On May 6th my I was scared of one. I will admit that I wasn’t sure why I felt scared, because other mamas around me were sad, so why was I scared? Then I realized that it’s because a full year passing means time is moving at a speed that I’ve never known before. I needed to accept this fear because now I know why people say, “Oh my
god, my baby’s in kindergarten/high school/college.” Just a few moments ago they had been bent over a little boy who was gripping their fingers as he toddled along.

Meanwhile, though, one year is so much fun. He’s running everywhere, he laughs, he explores, he plays, he snuggles and gives the best hugs.  He tries to sound out words, and
sometimes it comes out right.  I told Husband he needed to record Liam the next time he wanders around the house and in his high-pitched, squeaky voice says, “Da?…Da?…Da?…Da?”

birthday kisses & wishes

The biting, not so great, but even the tantrums make me laugh.  He gets so frustrated when he wants to accomplish something and he can’t do it.  He is especially OCD about jar tops that twist on and off.  Sometimes he gets pissed if it’s on and he can’t get it off. The next second he’s crying because he can’t line up the thread right and the lid won’t screw on.

On May 21st I spent the night away from Liam for the first time in his little life.  I wasn’t far and I wasn’t even gone 24 hours. I did, however, have to take a ferry to get there, so it was a little badass.  I was with a few girlfriends, having a mellow girl’s overnight.  And you know what, I got sick and barfed during dinner instead of being able to drink gallons of wine like I had planned. That sounded like I lost my dinner while at the table; I was able to make it back up to the hotel room first.  I still got to relax with my friends, but the quality bathroom time had not been in the plan. Oh yeah, and Liam did fine.

The most mind-blowing part of May deserves its own blog post, but I’ll start with a small blurb here. May 23rd was Liam’s cousin Jake’s 4th birthday.  Two days after his birthday we
got word that Jake was diagnosed with leukemia. This, as you can imagine, was earth-shattering. He has Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, which we’re told is the “best” leukemia.  I have every ounce of faith in the universe that Jake will destroy this evil disease forever, but the heart-breaking thought remains that it will take time. Immediately he’s begun with chemotherapy and steroids.  He has a stint in his chest. He gets poked and prodded, bone marrow removed, spinal taps. And their family is unbelievable. They are rocks.  They are the strongest and most positive people I’ve ever met.  Jake does everything he needs to in order to get better.  His 5 year old sister, Sophia, has an old soul and we’ve heard that she’s said, “It is what it is.” (My husband loves this mentality and is known to use this saying often.)  Husband’s sister and our brother-in-law have completely taken on this life and their marathon-like energy will endure the time this will take.  Please send your prayers and positive energy on to Jake (a.k.a. “Tuffy”).

Cousin Jake "Tuffy" pre-leukemia

Cousin Jake with the hulk doll we sent

Nana (Husband’s mother) flew down to Florida to be with my sister-in-law, so understandably she was not able to make Liam’s christening on May 29thAs we know, the
guest of honor was my grandmother
, who was driven up to Maine from Connecticut by my uncle.  My immediate family, as well as two of my girlfriends, made the long awaited ceremony.  Liam wore his christening gown that my grandmother sewed for him when he was about 3 months old.  It still fit although those gowns are definitely not supposed to be worn by a toddler as the length are not conducive to walking.  And my rough and tumble boy looked exactly like my own baby pictures when he was in the gown and bonnet.  Liam was the star of this day in more ways than one.  He loved the echo of his voice in the church and he gave the deacon a run for his money and challenged him to a sermon duel.
Luckily, the deacon was melted by Liam’s charm and enjoyed being squawked over as much as we enjoyed listening to it.  And long story shortened, Liam has been blessed, anointed and splashed.  He is officially baptized.  Hallelujah!

Liam in drag-I-mean-christening gown

So, there’s May in a nutshell.  Now we can move on to better blogging here on out! Whew, I feel like a weight has been lifted.




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