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If you know me, or have kept up with my blog you know that I had a lot of anxiety about childcare for when I was going back to work. From the research that I had done online there was only ONE acceptable childcare facility in my crazy, pregnant mind. And, as expected, that is where Liam’s second home is Monday-Friday.

I could not be more happy, comfortable, or at ease with ROOTS Enrichment Center, and my husband agrees. Yes, I am a teacher, so it means something to me that they are Reggio, Waldorf and Montessori inspired. I’m known to refer to it fondly as a “hippie school,” but what I mean by that general statement is that their philosophy encourages nature-based learning, exploration and creativity. The children (ages 6 weeks through preschool) practice yoga, they are constantly outside, they listen to a diverse array of music, create art every day, and they {gasp} play! I’d go as far as to say it’s a lot like “unschooling” at a school.

Along with all of the wonderful things the children do and learn at ROOTS, there is an even more important reason why I wouldn’t want Liam to be anywhere else. The teachers. They all genuinely love each individual child. I mean, hugging my child and telling him that they love him-kind of love. I mean cuddling them and rocking them. I mean that they revel in the children’s developments and joy every day. A parent does not feel anxiety about leaving the love of their life in a place like this. You want your child surrounded by this love and community.

Then there’s Miss Kate. She’s been the lead teacher in Liam’s school room. She is a Mother Earth calming energy whose heart envelopes all of those babies. Miss Kate is moving and had her last day at ROOTS today. Tucked into each child’s bin was a packet of the words to all of the songs that Miss Kate had been singing to the babies since they’ve been growing from infant to toddler. There was also a CD, which I assumed was the music to these songs. When I put the CD in while driving Liam in the car, I heard a familiar voice and clear notes pealing acapella out of the speakers. Miss Kate had recorded her very own voice on the CD so that the kids would be able to continue listening to her voice hush them into calm. Tears spilled onto my cheeks as my son was lulled into sleep by the tender voice of a woman who loved him and literally cared for him.

While we are sad to see Miss Kate go, all of the teachers at ROOTS love our children. They, along with the community that is built from the families, are some of the tendrils in the roots to Liam growing up a happy and healthy child.


2 thoughts on “Liam’s ROOTS

  1. You are so right in this entire post, but especially the part about how the teachers genuinely care for the children. Our younger son recently started walking and I swear the teachers were just as excited for him as we were!

  2. Katie and Karla,

    Thank you for posting your thoughts about our centers. It truly warms my heart to read this article and see in manifestation what Kelcey and I have dreamed for our children and many others, coming true before our eyes. We have so much fun interviewing potential educational guides and intend to bring the most talented, creative, and compassionate individuals possible. Not only will some of them leave a lasting impression on your families, they may even become life long friends. Not only are Kelc and I working on the development of the centers but we are also impressed as now parents of three children 5 and under, at the wonderful care the guides have provided to our wee ones. I have felt the pain of having our child’s first teacher leave and still remember how they helped to shape who she is today. With each child and teacher that flows through the center, it is forever changed and transformed into something better than we could of ever imagined. We continue to grow, opening a pre-k and private K-3rd grade in the Fall off of back cove in Portland and we will remain an intimate and close-knit family like atmosphere. Our oldest daughter who we started the center for 5 years ago is now needing primary school and we intend to give her the best education possible moving up to further grades as she gets older and we look forward to the families that will join us along the way. Thank you for having such compassionate hearts and for creating such amazing children. If other families are reading these posts I encourage you to write about your fondest memories at R.O.O.T.S. We are creating a new website and we would love to have a section dedicated to such fond parent memories. Love & Light, Miss. Kim

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