Make Me Blush

I have a 1 year old.  Stunned might best describe how I feel when I look over at the little boy who practically runs on his own two feet.  I remember a time when I wondered what he would look like when he has hair.  (It is a sandy color that curls in the back and has the potential for a wicked rat’s nest.)  I remember holding the t-shirts that he wears and thinking that he would never be big enough to fit into them.  He wore one of those t-shirts yesterday.  Husband put it on him in the morning and when Liam toddled over to me, arms outreached and a big smile on his face, wearing the green t-shirt with a dinosaur on it my heart didn’t know which way to go and I cried a little.  I was overwhelmed with thankfulness for this incredible, happy toddler in front of me…but panicking about where he came from. Wasn’t he just a squawking infant with chicken fluff for hair and a gummy smile?  Where did these teeth come from? How is he possibly walking and choosing books from the bookshelf??

Luckily, I have a good friend, Stepheney, who is a photographer at Blush Imagery.  I brought Liam into the studio at Blush for 1 year professional pictures.  I brought his birthday party outfit, one of the t-shirts that I thought he would never fit into, and I brought some of his toys as props.  Stepheney put some children’s music on her ipod and with gentle guidance snapped photos of my little boy running amok in the studio.  The result is an honest, accurate capturing of Liam’s spirit in a beautiful form of art.

This picture was added onto gorgeous mommy cards with my contact information on them.

I’ve trusted Stepheney to photgraph every important moment from belly pictures to now.  She has an eye for detail, a sense of emotion and the angle that makes everything seem even more incredible than it was.  She treasures being able to share in these amazing life moments.

If you check out Blush Imagery’s website you can also peruse their beautiful wedding photography and the other baby faces, besides our very own Liam.

Your life is art, decorate your space with it.


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