What We’re Eating: Tuna Cakes

In no way do I really intend to turn foodie blogger.  But I am going to post some foodie things because I love food.  But I don’t really know what food posts entail.  Must I write the recipe?  Step-by-step instruction?  I’m afraid I’ll appear as food-stupid as I feel.

I do love to cook though.  I have for a long time, but lately have put in more effort.  Not because I have extra time on my hands. In fact, just the opposite.  I used to putz around the kitchen, not timing the meal and sides very well, sometimes re-doing whole recipes if it didn’t come out right the first time.  I was learning and experimenting.  I found this poster online, and even though it is from the World War 1 area it sums up the kitchen part of the lifestyle I’m attempting.

A World War I poster from the U.S. Food Administration

I’m also trying to get into the habit of making things that I wouldn’t feel guilty about letting Liam eat too.  I’m fairly conscious about organic, preservative-free, natural, whole foods; but knowing Liam might eat it makes me more aware of sugar, fat and salt as well.

Tonight was practice in using what I have in my house.  I hate having cupboards full of cans and such but saying “we don’t have anything for dinner” because it would take some creativity and/or time.

So, my husband said, “We don’t really have anything for dinner,” and this is what I made:

 You’re looking at tuna cakes (like crab cakes, but made with canned tuna), black bean/pineapple salsa, cilantro/yogurt dip, and herb/parmesan potatoes.

I had all of the ingredients I needed.  Canned beans, canned tuna, canned pineapple. Yogurt, cilantro, parmesan, onion in the fridge. Potatoes in the pantry.  Spices in the spice rack!

I’m also excited that I actually used all of the cilantro I had before it went bad and I threw it all out except for 2 leaves.  The salsa, yogurt dip and tuna cakes had cilantro in it.  Probably could have added it to the potatoes, but that’s where my cooking knowledge fails me.  Are you supposed to tie it into every dish?  Seems like overkill to me, so I threw a bunch of different spices on the potatoes like olive oil, garlic salt, pepper, paprika and dried dill.  Are those weird?  It tasted good!  I melted some shredded parmesan on top. Yumm!

It was all super delicious and my husband thought we should use the salsa and dip on “real” fish too. (Thank you, dear.)

Most of the recipes I get are from Martha Stewart’s Everday Food magazine.  I have a collection from about 3 years and counting and my latest ongoing project is to compile my favorites into binders.

Does anyone care about recipes, or is it just interesting to see the pictures and know I’m getting food creative?  The mom thing I can blog about with ease, but with the food I feel so insecure and inexperienced!


5 thoughts on “What We’re Eating: Tuna Cakes

  1. oh, katie, you are just so awesome! i love reading your blog; you are so fun, authentic, and aware. old soul, you! *love* the foodie stuff! keep it coming. you might inspire me. can’t believe you whipped that up~~my husband would plop me right up on a pedestal forever. :o).

  2. Katie:
    Love it! I, too, hate saying ‘there’s nothing to eat’ when there’s tons of food in the house. Some thoughts on your foray into food blogs… real food people don’t use the word ‘foodie’. (See Joe’s blog at PortlandFoodComa.) Not to freak you out, but canned food is full of BPA. It’s what they line metal cans with. Seeing as we’ve been talking freaky food paranoia lately. Finally, I laughed out loud when you talked about timing and I remembered the large dinner parties we used to attempt – it would take, what, three hours to eat all the ‘courses’ because nothing was done at the same time? : ) Memories.

    • I’m so glad you’ve filled me in…oh the embarassment…should I go in and edit this post so that it doesn’t say foodie?? hehe…I’ll leave it as my “learning” piece. I trust Joe as he was on No Reservations and all.
      And…you sorta freaked me out about BPA in cans. F*ck. I have a stock piling of white bean cans from Trader Joe’s because of all of these recipes I found. Maybe Trader Joe’s removes the BPA. ;P I only think of BPA in plastic—aaaaggghhhh….toxin anxiety.
      Lastly…we were totally chic and Euro with our 5 hours of noshing on courses. HA!

      • Katie, I wouldn’t worry about the canned beans from Trader Joes. I use the organic black beans all the time. Don’t you think they would take them off the market, if there was significant concern? REALLY. By the way, that dinner looks great. I have a good tuna cake recipe from Rachel Ray. I served mine over fresh greens.

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