I sent a tweet this morning that said “it worked it worked it worked!! Liam #STTN!!”  That, my friends, is Twitter-code for “Sleep Through The Night.”  (Or whatever verb form of to sleep is required…”slept” for me.)  I had previously flicked through such envious tweets and finally…FINALLY…I’m the one who gets to send out the most desirable hashtag a Twitter Mom could imagine.

Five nights, everyone.  FIVE NIGHTS.  We are optimistically hopeful that it will continue, and will follow all of the remaining steps to give Liam solid, good sleep habits.  But last night was…awesome.  My favorite part was at about 5:00 a.m. when Husband yelled my name, jarring me from deep (blissful) sleep.  I spluttered a drooly, “What??” and Husband, who had leapt from bed and was pacing by the bedroom door, asked, “Should I check him? Do you think he’s breathing? I don’t know what I should do? Do I go in?”  If I wasn’t so pissed at being woken up a mere 15 minutes before my alarm clock was going to go off, I would have laughed.  This was the reaction I had also thought to myself so many times.  When Liam was 3 months old and sleeping though the night; when he would later have a random long nap…even if he was unnervingly quiet in his rear-facing carseat.  Now that Husband was so involved in the sleep process it was his turn to have the inexplicable panic that comes along with the sleep that you yearned for.

Of course, I told him to get his ass back to bed and if he dared wake up the baby now then he was responsible for what ensued.  He paced and mumbled a bit more and then settled back down.

Incidentally, my alarm clock was not set (one of those times where I literally did set it, but maybe double hit the button or something so that it didn’t stay set…).  So the one time that my “natural” alarm clock didn’t go off, my literal alarm didn’t either.  (And what are the odds Husband wakes me up around the time I should have gotten up, but I let myself go back to sleep thinking the alarm clock is going to go off?)  After I got myself as clean and dressed as possible, and nursed Liam, I found that Husband was waiting by the door with a packed lunch, coffee to go, and a bagel with cream cheese.  Husband gets Family MVP this week.  For sure.

But back to that sleeping baby…will he go for two in a row??


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