Good Night, Sleep Tight: The Fourth Night

Good Night, Sleep Tight: The Fourth Night

The rocking chair got moved to the middle of the nursery and it only took Husband half an hour in the room for Liam to fall asleep on his own.  Mommy messed up though.  I’m trying to nurse Liam about half an hour before he falls asleep and it ended up probably being about 2 hours before he fell asleep.  I went from dinner and feeding him jarred food to putting his pajamas on and reading him books and I forgot to nurse him again.  Which is probably fine because he ate almost a whole jar of food for dinner, but I was worried that taking away that one element would mess up the pattern we were working so hard to construct!  Once I realized (too late) that I had effed up I tormented myself with: should I just let it ride out all night and see how he goes, potentially ending up with him awake, hungry, pissed, screaming…or take preventative measures and nurse him the first time he wakes up.  Which meant that I would have to wake him up, nurse him in full light, make sure that he’s not associating sleeping with nursing, make sure he doesn’t fall asleep while nursing, and then convince my husband to attempt to get him sleepy again and put him back in his crib.  Ugh.

We went with the first option.  I wrung my hands for hours, but decided to just see if he’d make it through the night.  He did.  Well, don’t get all excited, he didn’t exactly “sleep through the night,” because he still had most of his usual wake-ups, but he soothed himself again and he did sleep through one of the usual wake-ups!  So, there is progress!

Today…oh my heavens, the universe was against the sleep schedule.  Liam and I had chiropractor appointments and it was scheduled for 6:00 pm.  I rescheduled it for 5, explaining that we were sleep training and couldn’t take a late appointment.  So the plan was to pick him up from daycare, play for an hour, head to the chiropractor, go home, give him dinner and do the wind-down routine, pretty much on target for time.  It all got thrown off when I got stuck in traffic waiting for a train to cross.  This made me 10 minutes later for daycare pick-up.  Two minutes before I walked in the door Liam had fallen asleep.  The lead teacher in the infant room was home with her sick child and in the hectic-ness this caused for the assistant teachers Liam only had one nap.  He usually would have had two by then.  I made the executive sleep decision that I would wait out the nap at the daycare.  I hung out for almost an hour and a half.  Which made me late for the chiropractor.  I felt just slightly insane calling the chiropractor office again to try to reschedule the appointment back to the original time, with Liam’s nap time as the reason.  I dropped Liam off at home and sidled in for my appointment, accepting the berate of sleep training comments from everyone in the office.  I got back in time to *nurse* (would not blow that off this time…if only for my own peace of mind!) and read books with Liam before Husband put him down.  Only 20 minutes before he fell asleep tonight!  (A little glimpse into Night 5.)

Speaking of Night 5.  I think my sleep schedule stories may become a little monotonous at this point.  Shall I put the sleep (b)log on hold until we get a fascinating story like an actual, complete sleep through the night?  This is what I was thinking, which is why I added the snippets from today and the lay down from tonight.  Then at the end of the 12 day program (Ha! Makes me think of a 12-step program!) I can do a conclusive report.  What do you think?  My blog stats have me thinking that there are many a sleepless mama hanging onto my every word, hopeful of success and building the confidence to begin the process themselves.  Thank you, by the way, I have never had so many blog readers!  I hope this is helping/inspiring someone!


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