Good Night, Sleep Tight: The Second Night

People….this might just work!

Last night I did my winding down routine with Liam and then Husband took over for the tough part.  Husband says there was absolutely no crying but that Liam did stand up and rock back and forth, holding onto the crib rail.  He also tried to play the pick-it-up game with Husband by periodically tossing the lovey over the side of the rail.  By 8:15 he fell asleep by himself.  I want to note here that I do believe he should go to sleep earlier, and plan to implement earlier times, but because his afternoon naps have been running so late he’s pretty active until 7-7:30.  I’m hoping that when this whole scheme goes down his naps will be better and more regulated as well, so his afternoon one will be earlier and his bedtime can move up.

  • He slept 8:15-12:45. Husband got up to help him and came back in the room within 2 minutes.  However, Liam woke up and put himself back to sleep 4 times between 12:48-1:15.  Husband kept going back in to have his presence there for Liam.  Part of the theory we like is that the baby knows you’ll be there if he needs you.  It comforts them and they learn to trust you.
  • Slept from 1:20-3:15.  Husband went in and Liam did the same thing as the last wake-up.  He woke up and put himself back to sleep 4 times between 3:18-3:40.
  • Slept from 3:45-4:45 went back to sleep really quickly and then
  • Woke up at 5:15 went back to sleep quickly
  • Woke up at 5:45 went back to sleep quickly
  • Woke up at 6:25 I got up for the day, nursed him and brought him downstairs.

Liam still woke up often last night, but he has learned to lay down on his own, close his eyes, and eventually fall asleep without nursing or being rocked.  I think he still has a lot of practice ahead, but I see how it can all come together.  And the end result has me giddy.  An exhausted, not-so-much-movement giddiness.

Naptime was different today too.  We did have to modify our original intentions a bit though.  Liam was interacting with us from his crib, not crying, but not being productive with the whole sleep process.  During morning nap Husband left the room while Liam was still awake because Liam was playing.  When Husband left Liam started crying.  Husband decided to give him a few minutes alone and when he went back in to the nursery Liam stopped crying, laid himself down and was asleep within 1 minute.  He slept uninterrupted for 1 hour!

I was in charge of afternoon nap.  I took Liam upstairs and plugged in my ipod.  The Sleep Lady had suggested some soothing classical music for wind-down time.  She said to turn it off when it was actually time to sleep, though, because then it could become a “sleep crutch,” something they need to fall asleep.  White noise is okay though.

So, we listened to some classical lullabye music that I had downloaded, while I changed his diaper and then we rocked and read two books.  I put Liam in the crib and he smiled and began interacting like it was time to play.  I tried to rub his back and have him lay back down, but he chattered away and dropped his pacifier between two crib rails behind his head while grinning up at me.  I decided to leave the room like Husband had done earlier.  I told him, “Good night, have a nice nap!” and closed the door behind me.  He immediately started crying.  I went in my room, busied myself with putting clothes away for a total of about a minute and a half-two minutes before I went back in.  Husband stayed out of the room longer, but seconds felt like minutes to me and I felt like he’d been crying for half an hour.

I went in and hugged him, bending down into the crib.  It was so interesting, as soon as I let go of him he layed himself down and closed his eyes!  However, he was still fidgety and ended up standing up again.  So, I left the room again, repeated everything, and this time when Liam layed down and closed his eyes he truly fell asleep.  And he just finished another 1 hour afternoon nap!  We finished napping by 3:30 p.m. instead of 5:30-6 p.m.!  Yahooey!

I think we’ll be able to try an earlier bedtime for Night 3, tonight!  Challenges ahead–here comes the work week… 


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Interested in learning more about The Sleep Lady and her book?  Click on the picture of her book to go to her website:


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