When Daddy Goes Away…

Our universe is completely unbalanced right now.  Husband is on a four-day ice fishing trip. Which, of course, is code for a bunch of guys who will throw hygiene out the window while they sit in a heated shack drinking an obscene amount and playing poker; waiting for the flag to pop up showing that a small-brained fish ate the bait that had been dangling in the same spot for hours.

I’ve been texting Husband an overview of the exciting weekend that he’s missing.  I may or may not have entitled the texts “Reasons I’m Leaving You When You Get Back”…ha…ha…but in all seriousness I truly seem to be ending my weekend of single parenthood completely appreciating that man even more. Life these days often leaves me yearning for the time to sleep in, read, write, go to the gym or just be freaking alone for five minutes. Let alone leaving time to accomplish tasks like laundry, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, grocery shopping…you know, anything. Yet, somehow things do get done. Not everything, but just enough to get us through to the next day. And as I look around the house tonight I know that so much of it is because of Husband.  If I’m upstairs attempting to get the baby back to sleep again then Husband is doing dishes. The man did three loads of Liam’s laundry last weekend! He was motivated to do this because he’s solely in charge of Liam’s morning routine during the week, so there’s that too. In lieu of listing all of the chores Husband has been diligently completing lately, I would suffice it to say that he might have been going underappreciated until Mama B. has begun seeing what had been under her nose.

Meanwhile, as I haven’t received any texts back I’m under the impression that he doesn’t have cell phone reception, so he’s going to be barraged with several picture texts such as this one:

Liam has been eating more purees this week as they’re being encouraged at daycare. The results of this reared its ugly head. Twice.  I never thought I’d miss poop, but I think I miss breastmilk poop.

Luckily, Liam is particularly adorable after a bath, so I was able to replace the previous mind-searing picture with this:

Today we were invited to a family playdate at noon, so I actually had to dedicate my morning to getting myself and Liam public-ready. I left the boy to play with a bin of toys in the closet area outside of the master bathroom while I showered. This was the idea anyway, I assumed he would be crawling into the bathroom within seconds to cry and whine outside of the shower curtain. Which he did. However, in the few seconds where he was in the closet area he managed to do this:


That would be dirt mixed in with all of his toys. I have (I mean, had) a small, potted bonsai tree on top of my dresser. There was a towel under the pot due to some recent over-watering. Liam was completely uninterested in his toys, but the towel poking a few centimeters off of the dresser top was apparently more enticing. He managed to pull it, along with the plant, off of the dresser and then crawled through the dirt. The picture would have looked even more dramatic if I had taken it with the plant still on the ground, but the first instant I saw it I picked up as much as I could.

This is just a highlighting of our Mommy/Son weekend. I’ll finish the account with a picture of Liam’s first taste of snow, while at our family playdate.

Even with all of this new appreciation and wisdom, Husband still owes me big time. Dude. He left me alone for four days with an 8 month old. (sigh. Clarity has not completely squelched the resentment.) Tomorrow I will be making spa appointments for my February vacation week. February will be dedicated to bringing Fabulous back.


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