Mischief & Mayhem

We’ve got a mover and a shaker, folks.  Literally. I call it mischief & mayhem when Liam takes off around our less-than-adequately baby-proofed house. He crawls like there’s someone chasing his tush with a match and he pulls himself to standing on anything he can reach.  He does love to “walk” when someone holds onto his hands, but we’re not exactly encouraging that at the moment.

Here are some of his newest activities that showcase his skills:

  • Standing and holding onto the babygate at the ends of the stairs and rocking his body back and forth while gripping the bars in front of him. His head and arms stay still while the rest of his body sways back and forth, successfully making himself look like a little chimp in a zoo cage.
  • Pulling himself to standing on the coffee table and managing to reach everything on the surface in one fellow swoop.  You know, like laptops, books, knives, glasses of wine,  peanuts and other perfectly-sized choking hazards. Naahh…it only took one or two incidences for us to learn what can stay on there and what can’t. I was (mostly) joking.
  • Crawling around pushing his highchair like he’s carting a burden he can’t shake. As if it’s against his will.
  • Acting as a human glacier, crawling around and getting various items stuck in his “undercarriage” (the area between his knees and hands, under his body), then unknowingly depositing said items around the house. Where’s the remote?? …Why is the remote in the bathroom??
  • I have a 2-shelf bookcase built into the end of my kitchen counter where I house my cookbooks.  Liam thinks it’s a hoot to pull himself up and one-by-one pick up a book off of the top shelf and discard them in a heap at his feet.  He only stops when the pile is up to his ankles and then he doesn’t know how to lower himself onto the unstable, sliding mass of books. So then he looks at me pleadingly while whimpering and lowering himself into a crouch to show me that he’s trying his darndest but he needs some help here.

Adorable.  In a kamikaze sort of way.


5 thoughts on “Mischief & Mayhem

  1. I laughed the whole time reading it…
    And that, my dear, is why the scissors are with the flour. (Ken makes fun of my creative organization and continuously blurts out questions of that nature???!!)

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