The Apple Doesn’t Fall…

Dear Liam,

Today was your first time apple picking.  You know, from inside your baby carrier, while Mommy and Daddy picked.  We had this dangerous claw-like picking device on a stick because it is late in the season and all of the apples were clustered at the tops of the trees.  We also forced you to put your head in those wooden cut-outs at the end of our trip and unfortunately, you’d had enough of being awake.  You were hungry and tired, but weren’t fussing.  You were just lethargic and quite serious looking.  Usually we can get a laugh or smile out of you, but you were not interested in much at that point.  We also forced you to have your picture taken in the pumpkin patch.  Because that’s what you are supposed to do to children.  Again, though, same dead-pan reaction.

Mama B. with the picker


The most smiley we could get you



Mama B.


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