My Secret Addiction

Sssshhhh…I have a secret addiction.  I’ll share it with you, but don’t tell.

I’m totally addicted to maternity clothes.  Oh, the shame!  I keep trying to give them up.  I’ll wash them and then intend to fold them and put them away in the “maternity” bin.  But then, like ooh, today, I went to look for a pair of leggings.  Turns out I only have maternity leggings.  (hhmmm…maybe for a reason.)  But since I had a visualization of my outfit in my head I put them on anyway.  Then I needed a shirt long enough to cover any areas that shouldn’t be exposed in really tight, stretchy cloth.  And you know what shirts are really long, especially if you don’t have a big belly hiking them up?  You got it!  Maternity shirts.  I maybe happened to find one in my closet that I had conveniently forgotten to pack away yet.

A complete maternity clothes outfit. Sans Preg.

But, seriously. Why wouldn’t I want to wear maternity clothes?  So forgiving and easy to get into and out of.  I still have to get my pants down quickly to pee these days, since Liam will put on his squawk alarm until I’m out.  The elastic panel cuts out the muffin top effect.  Because, frankly, I may have lost all of the pregnancy weight, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have the stomach of a Biggest Loser contestant right now.  Because I sort of do.  Ooookay.  Maybe not that bad at all.

I’m not saying it doesn’t look like a maternity outfit.  I probably have folks wondering.  But it’s comfort without embracing a mumu.  Or the housecoat look.

So, when will it end?  Do I just make a clean sweep of it soon?  Quit, cold turkey??  It’s giving me the shakes a little, just thinking about it.


5 thoughts on “My Secret Addiction

  1. You’ll hit the wall eventually, and just one day will not be able to stand the sight of anything maternity ever again. So it will work itself out. Sort of. I still wear some maternity tanks to bed and I still wear technically maternity underwear (they are really low cut, so whatever!). And Lucy is 2 1/2. Oy vey.

  2. I love the outfit by the way. I am still secretly addicted to my maternity clothes too… soo comfy 🙂 I wore a “regular” pair of jeans today, the whole time wishing I hadn’t made that choice. Tomorrow it’s back to the comfies. Love ya katie!!

  3. I thought I was the only one! I can’t stop wearing my maternity slacks to work. They are so comfy and look nicer than most of my other pants, but my daughter is 8 months old now and I’ve lost the baby weight, so I don’t really have an excuse. I sometimes get paranoid that people at work will find out, like somehow they will be listening so intently to me in the bathrooms that they will notice I didn’t zip my pants. Lol, but I realize this is just paranoia from my shame.

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