Avocado & Tailgating

Baby Love,

Today we went to Daddy’s alma mater, Holy Cross.  Even though I never make commitments early in the morning (especially 2 states away), Daddy was excited to make this work. 

You did a great job tailgating.  Always in a good mood.  Except when you’re not, of course.  You love being held and cuddled by just about everyone, so it surprised me that you turned away from one person and held your arms out to me.  Luckily, it wasn’t one our friends, but an acquaintance that had come by to say hello.  Hhmm…clearly a shady character.

Someday I’m going to have to actually keep an eye on you while you run around the tailgating field.  I’ll have to bite my tongue to tell other people’s kids to “Put those freaking sticks down!  You’ll poke someone’s freaking eye out!!”  Because I know that I played with sticks.  And sticks are probably not the worst thing you could be playing with.  (Tell that to the person missing an eye, though!)  But this time, Baby Love, you were snuggled into your baby carrier and I could feel your tummy filling and relaxing with air against mine.  I’ll probably be the mom carrying you around in the Ergo as a toddler so that the kids with sticks don’t poke your eye out.  Or, take a deep breath and let you play.

You also tasted avocado today!  Your first non-mama-milk food!  You did a great job with the spoon and made funny faces and you moved the new texture around your mouth.  Mama made the rookie mistake of having us both in white shirts for this venture.  You had a bib on, so maybe the real mistake was not wearing one myself.

Love you,

Mama B.


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