Blogger’s Remorse

It’s not exactly like I have blogger’s remorse about my Bluugh post, but I’ll admit I was a little quick to type.  I had just been freshly annoyed and disappointed by checking out a “Top Mommy Blogs” list and clicking on a link to a blog with a witty name only, once again, to find a flashy, ad-filled blog making it hard to find any writing, let alone worthwhile writing.

But what I have come to grips with is that people blog for different reasons and I have to be accepting of that.  There is no Blog Constitution or Bloggy Rules out there that dictate what your blog looks like, or that you need a license to blog.  I think some “Mommy bloggers” just pile on the ads to make some extra money and maybe they really endorse those companies and want to share.  Who knows, maybe if I were propositioned with ad space I would roll over too?  Or maybe I would accept only a limited amount that wouldn’t take up too much space. (Like Dooce, ahh, Dooce.)  I was in fact propositioned by one company to have a giveaway of their product and I kindly refused my first proposition!  Why?  Because I couldn’t endorse the company.  So let’s see how high my horse stands down the road.  (By the way, I added the Fran & Stan button on my blog because I love, love love her stuff and have blogged about it and want my readers to be able to find her!)

The great outcome of my “Bluugh” post was that I was sent links to some amazing blogs.  Ones that I’m willing to keep an eyelid open for while nursing Liam at 2:30 in the morning.  Now, to share the wealth:

Suburban Snapshots.  A friend sent me this link which I opened and immediately saw in the sidebar this recent tweet,  ‘Am I to understand that Aeropostale has become a store that just sells stuff that says “Aeropostale?” ‘  I knew then and there that I would be a follower.    The stories lived up to my expectations as well.

Lula Inc.  The photography jumps out at me first and foremost, when I open the link to this blog.  And the writing itself is worth the read too.  Her most recent post is a letter to her daughter where I love the line, “Every single step of the way, you’ve had to teach us things like how to survive the impossible sleep habits of a newborn to the…uh…impossible sleep habits of a 3 year old. News flash, they both suck.”

And lastly, for today, is 4 Mothers which I stumbled upon myself.  The blog post I read was about all of the promises the writer had made before she was a parent.  Limited television, having patience, never leaving the house looking messy… and then actually having children and the reality…or fantasy…of those promises.  I left a lengthy comment on that one and I think I have been inspired on what to write for my next blog post as well.


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