I may not be making friends by saying this, but with ALL of the “mommybloggers” out there I have yet to find very many GOOD blogs.  Sorry.  I may or may not be talking to YOU.  Aesthetically, many of you have my modest attempt beat, hands down.  I don’t know how to do half of what’s out there, and I’m assuming that most of you invested in a web designer.  Beautiful fonts, pictures, categories and pages set up in a pleasing manner.

But where are the stories?  If you are investing in a web designer then you probably want your blog to be viewed by a wide-spread audience.  What is the reason we are going to your blog?  Your writing loses my interest within the first couple of sentences and I exit immediately.  I yearn to find a blog that has some decent writing.  Your daily giveaways and flashy advertisements leave my overstimulated brain throbbing.

Do I walk the talk?  I hope so.  We (referring to those so-called “Mommybloggers”) all want to be the next Dooce.  But the reason I absolutely idolize Heather Armstrong is because her stories make me pee-with-laughter just a little bit every time.  She is witty.  And relatable.  And damn, she takes some great photos.

Enough about my blog-crush on Dooce.  I encourage you, Blogger-I-don’t-know-personally, to write me a story about your day.  Pick a moment, zoom into it and give me some details that make me visualize exactly what it is to be in your shoes.  You educators out there who teach Lucy Calkins writing are all cringing appreciatively right now.

There.  I’ve griped and criticized for the world to see.  Take the challenge, or don’t.  Come back and read my blog, or don’t.  But I hope you do, because I try to make it worth your while.


7 thoughts on “Bluugh

  1. I agree! One of my very favorite mommy bloggers was blogging before “mommy blogging” was big, or at least before I was paying attention to it anyway… She still writes a food column and her archives over at BabyCenter are worth perusing, in all your spare time. (Ha.) Or at least *I* think so… She wrote a book too, which I lent to somebody and never got back and now I might need to buy it again… OK, I’m going to stop being an overzealous fangirl now and go to bed!

    • Nice! Thanks for sharing, Laura. I favorited the links so that I could go back to them in my “spare time.” 🙂 The food column looks delicious too and I’ve been needing some inspiration.

    • 🙂 She’s cute enough to pass as good writing. And she doesn’t bore me. No, really though, I like your blog because you and your husband are so darn cute and you have the sweetest family with Neely.

    • Oooh, that’s a good one, too, Kara! I should have complained about blogging a long time ago because I’ve gotten a few great suggestions. I’ll have to do a follow-up post with praise for the great blogs that ARE out there.
      I hope we can catch up, too!

  2. Blah, blah, blah. Lecture less, write about Liam more! Besides, the people who need lecturing are probably not reading anyone’s blog but their own. Wasted breath.

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