100 Year (and 4 month) Check Up

Liam has a 4 month doctor’s appointment next week.  (Shots, which are harder for me than him, I think!)  I realized that I hadn’t written the time down in my calendar so I called the doctor’s office, having the following conversation:

Me: “My son has an appointment with Dr. Staton next week and I need to verify the time.”
Dr.’s Office: “What’s the patient’s name and birthdate?”
I tell her.
Dr.’s Office: “Wait, ’10? Is that 1910 or 2010?”
Me:”2010. (Insert questioning pitch into my voice.)  He’s only 4 months.”
Dr.’s Office: “I’m confused.  Are you his mother?”
Me: “….yes.  I’m his mother.”
Whereupon she tells me the time of the appointment.

She’s confused??  I’m confused.  Her questions only build more questions in my head.  I know for a fact that my voice sounds really young on the phone.  I’ve been told and I’ve heard myself recorded.

Did she really think I was calling about my 100 year old son?  In which case, how old did she think I sounded on the phone?  What WAS the confusing part for her…when I began the conversation by saying I was calling about my son’s appointment?  Or did she not realize that there are human beings with the birthdate year of ’10 all the way up to September?

I think it might be fair to add that while reading this it may sound like the woman at the doctor’s office was some ditz straight out of high school, but her voice definitely sounded like a respectable woman over the age of 50.

Well, I imagine if Liam and I are both still alive when he’s 100 then we will need a third party to change both of our diapers.  And it probably won’t be Daddy, because he’s got another 7 years on me.


5 thoughts on “100 Year (and 4 month) Check Up

  1. That is hilarious. And, if it was a pediatrician what the he(( would you have a 100 year old going there for, I think you should have responded, “1710.” No more or less numb.

  2. So… when I scheduled Lucy’s first dentist appointment I called about 6 months in advance figuring it takes about that long for a new patient at the dentist office. I called just before her first birthday. The woman on the phone asks for the date of birth and I tell her 02/04/08. The woman on the phone says, “you must have that wrong, I have her age as 0”. I said “she’s not 1 yet…”

    • It is a family practice doctor, so she is my doctor as well…and I love her! The staff seems sweet when I go in and they love Liam…I keep wondering if one of them is the idiot who answered the phone or if that is separate staff.

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