Wait 5 Minutes

In Maine I’ve heard the saying, “Don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.”  You could have a sweater on one second and strip down to your underwear the next.  I have driven through blizzard-like conditions on my road and by the time I got to the traffic light it was sunny and clear skies.  The analogy I’m trying to create is that Liam was an absolutely different baby today.

He is 3 months old (14 weeks) and this morning he decided he was going to roll over.  He had done this party trick one random time last week, but hadn’t even attempted it again until this morning.  No more hanging out on the changing table!  Every time I laid him on his back he would immediately curl up on his side and then flop over onto his stomach!  He would teeter on his belly with arms and legs suspended in the air in a superman pose.  Now that he’s figured it out there’s no place he’d rather be than grunting and squawking and trying with every ounce of his body to crawl.  That boy wants to be going places.

And with all of his efforts he moved about an inch!  Liam showed off for a crowd of mommies and their own floundering infants at Birth Roots.  It was like watching an inch worm race with everyone cheering on the slightest advance.

Not only the rolling and crawling trickery…in the very same day Liam deliberately reached for, grabbed a toy AND put it in his mouth.  Well, attacked it like a National Geographic show about lions and gazelles.  Liam being the lion in that scenario.

And to complete the turn-around of a new and improved 3 month old, he spent hours of the day between car seat and stroller and barely a whimper came out of him!  For those of you who have followed the nightmare of the car seat you will appreciate how this is the miracle I’ll be holding closest to my heart at the moment.


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