Fran and Stan

In my quest to be the most stylish, hippie(ish)-mom out there I have discovered a must for anyone stylish OR eco-friendly.  (If you’re both we shall be great friends.)

I found Fran & Stan  because the creative genius behind this label is from my hometown.  I discovered her Etsy site and fell in love at first site.  The amazing Kristina Whalen uses fabulous vintage prints and fabrics to create the things you never knew you needed in your life.

I first purchased reusable snack bags.  Of course it appealed to my eco-consciousness–a small, lined bag to use for packing the food that you would normally put into a plastic baggie.  But wait!  I have 2 in the diaper bag that have been designated to hold Liam’s tummy drops, lanolin, diaper cream… and then one that I keep the pacifiers in to keep them clean and protected.

Reusable bag
But last week came the newest excitment from Fran & Stan: a lined, zippered wet bag that is super stylish!  I had planned in my head to keep the wet bag in my diaper bag and use it for when Liam is wearing his cloth diapers and we’re out and about.  That way I can bring his dirty diaper home for cleaning, but not use plastic bags and not worry about smells and leaks.
It just happens that I had ripped open my much-anticipated package from Fran & Stan right before I began packing for a trip to the beach.  Now I realize that I need at least five more of these wet bags!  I had a wet bag dilemma when I was on the beach and realized that my husband had brilliantly used the wet bag to safely store the camera and our phones.  But when I needed to change Liam out of his cloth diaper I had to use a plastic bag since the wet bag was in use.  That must be remedied ASAP.
Sporting Fran and Stan reusable gear is my newest way to save the planet and look good doing it.  Oh, and the prices beg for you to buy everything that you see in mass quantities.  Kristina also makes adorable hair accessories, jewelry rolls, and wallets, among so much more.

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