Heart Strings

The other day it was hot and humid again, as it has been in New England lately.  I changed Liam’s diaper in an air-conditioned room as he cooed and kicked while fixated on the ceiling fan circulating above him.  When I finished I laid on my back next to him, fan-gazing as we refer to it.

I gently put my ear on his rising chest and didn’t expect the surprise I felt when I recognized his heartbeat so instantly.  This was the same heartbeat that I heard for nine months when we went to the doctor’s office and they gelled me up and put that heart-wand on my belly.  (I’m sure “heart-wand is the technical term for the medical instrument.)

I mean, it was JUST the same!  It was like heart-ID.  I knew that beat anywhere and it made me think about laying on the midwife’s table and wondering about who this baby would be that was making that fast-paced, galloping heartbeat.  THIS, laying right next to me cooing and slobbering like crazy was that heartbeat in human form.



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