Finder’s Keepers

This past week I had so many friends come over to keep me company, feed me, and hold Liam while my husband was out of state for work.  Also had Miss Maddy come over to help so that I could do laundry and pack for this week while we are with husband’s family in Cape Cod.

Anyway, my friend Penny came over with her delicious little girly-girl, 2-year old Lucy.  I brought up losing baby weight and Penny (who looks more amazing than she may ever have before) said, “Oh yes, you want to get rid of that before it’s yours to keep.”

That struck me as an ah ha moment.  I mean, the proof is in the blog…I am starting to get serious(ish) about the losing.  And it’s “only” been two months.  But when I thought about it being mine FOREVER.  Uh, no thanks.  Like a bad case of the clap, I do not want such a momento from this world-rocking event.

So, with only feeling a TEENY bit of guilt, I took the next morning with Maddy being at the house to go to the gym.  The guilt being: the bags aren’t all packed for vacation yet, the bathrooms could really use a good once-over, and the floors…just nasty.  Mind you, I don’t feel guilty about leaving Liam with Maddy for an hour because he would rather have her to himself anyway.  I’m merely a background blur to him when he has his Maddy there.

Then, in another conversation with another friend, Courtney, she made another comment having to do with the weight loss that I loved (OK, I’m seeing that I start looking a little obsessed about the topic…but it’s mostly talking these days, believe me. ::looks pointedly at glass of sauvignon blanc on desk::) but ANYWAY, Courtney said that people always get rid of our bigger sized clothes when we lose the weight, but when we gain weight we never get rid of the skinny clothes; clinging to the idea that we’ll wear them again.

This was because I had my bins of pre-preggo clothes back up from the basement and it turns out I’m not quite ready for most of them.  I’m having a hard time buying what I consider in-between clothes because I’m anxious to get back into pre-preg.  Maybe I never will.  Maybe this will be some sort of pyschological hurdle I need to leap.  But what this does leave me in is pretty much strictly maternity clothes still.  And some nursing tops.  Which I found on a all-night internet quest for non-sucky nursing wear.  Me thinks that be another blog for another day. Ha.  I just realized I ironically used the word “suck” when referring to NURSING clothes.

And in conclusion, since I went to the gym I was able to weigh myself (don’t own a scale and not sure I’m ready to give in to buying one yet).  I have lost ONE more pound.  Hmm.  Not exactly the stunning number I was looking for.


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