‘Hoods vs. Woods

In recent conversation about my last post and being home-bound as a new mom, I realized that things could possibly have felt a lot different if I lived in a neighborhood as opposed to a rural area surrounded by trees and on a curvy, no-sidewalk road.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my house.  Hubby and I bought it a year ago and it was quite the upgrade for us.  We honestly thought about a future family (which was good because I was pregnant within the month after we moved in) and we have plenty of bedrooms, almost two acres of land that we want the kids to run around on and, of course, the town with the great school system.

My sister, however, lives in a faaabulous neighborhood.  I don’t mean giant houses/Wisteria Lane fabulous.  I mean intersecting dead-end streets that branch away from the kids’ schools.  Yes, your house is directly next to your neighbor’s house, but your neighbor probably has kids the same age as yours and you can watch them scamper in the backyard from the kitchen window.  (Just like the good old days.)  Also, (back on topic) when my sister had her babies/small-children the neighborhood women would swing by and help out.  They’d pop in for a cup of coffee.  They took the older child to play with their kids while she napped and took care of the baby.  If she was feeling antsy with the baby she popped them in the stroller and went for a walk down her sidewalked street that rarely saw a car.  One thing my sister probably was not feeling a lot of was lonely.  And she appreciated it.

So, the grass is always greener, but what are the drawbacks to living in a neighborhood?  We have privacy and space.  They have built-in friends.  Is it just a preference?  And maybe it’s just circumstantial that I have hood envy right now.

Come to think of it…I have a friend who seems to have the best of both worlds.  They are a few towns more rural than I am and have a great yard surrounded by trees, but they live on a cul-de-sac with about four other houses.  Two of those houses have young moms with similarly aged children as my friend.  I had originally thought she was too far from the city for me, but maybe she’s the winning vote.


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