Eco-baby buns

Cloth diapers are a scary commitment to make.  Ah, the convenience of just throwing away the mess.  I am one of those people who have anxiety about landfills.  Among other things.  Disposable diapers are one of those items that take up the most room and stay there the longest.  Click here to learn more.
In my house I make a valid attempt to reduce our household’s carbon footprint.  I go around unplugging things that aren’t in use.  I reuse water to feed the plants.  When we moved last July we left our compost bin behind, but I just added a new one to our yard.  My husband however, probably negates every attempt I make.  My only peace of mind is that our carbon footprint isn’t increasing due to Daddy B.
Living a sustainable lifestyle is something I’d like to be better at.  My mom helped me out with the cloth diapers, starting out my fuzzibunz collection with six colors.  There are lots of kinds of reusable diapers.  Fuzzibunz have the outer, colorful liner and then inserts that are put inside the liner.  You snap them closed and the ones I have are one-size fits all by adjusting an elastic around the legs.  Find more info on their homepage: Fuzzibunz.
They are so soft and adorable.  I want Liam to wear them by themselves and I hate to cover up the fun colors with onesies.  I can’t wait for summer weather when he will only need to wear his fuzzibunz.  Ok-you can call me out on it.  I like to say the word fuzzibunz, too.
Here’s Liam, saving the world one fuzzy cheek at a time:


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