Epilogue & Prologue

Here is where the red velvet curtains swing to a close on B.B. and then flaps open again to a roaring encore.  (You’re clapping, right?)  Introducing….

William Felix B.!  Liam.  Named after my grandfather and middle name is Roger’s grandfather.  Liam is what we’ll call him, though.  Born May 6, 2010 at 3:46 p.m.  NINE pounds, 3 ounces.  Yeah, I said nine. 

Can I mention now that he was delivered without drugs and without tearing?  However, believe me, I get the drugs thing.  I’m not saying my way is the “best” way, it’s just the way I wanted to do it.  And in the 16 hours of labor, with 2 hours of pushing I did think I was going to die.  I did promise myself that I would never have any more children…but I also knew that there was only one way out of that mess and you just can’t stop.  And I do want more children, by the way.  But I’m sure when I end up in labor again I will be SO mad at myself.

Enough about me, it’s all about The Boy, as we call him.  We knew he was a he!  And he is ALL boy.  No mistaking this baby for some gender generic cute baby.  It might help that he appears to be the spitting image of his daddy.  Although, oddly enough, if you look at the baby pictures from the day I was born they are almost identical to Liam’s.  So, did I marry someone who looks like I did when I was born?  Is there a bit of narcissism there?  And did I spell narcissism correctly?

Meanwhile, I’m really into this “mommyblogger,” Heather Armstrong of the blog dooce.com.  She mentions “momversation” in one of her blogs…what’s appropriate to talk about in a blog when it comes to your children?  I’m a fan of her approach where I don’t think she side-steps much…but in regards to all of you dying of curiosity about how we approached the schmucked up issue…I think The Boy would die of embarassment when a girl googles him in twenty years and learns about his junk before he even gets to buy her a drink.  (Oh, make that 21 years, then.)  Or, maybe googling and the internet will be obsolete by then and replaced by something cooler.  Probably.  Either way, if you really want to know, you are welcome to come over and change a diaper.  Or email me.  Damn, I’m really bad at secrets.

So, there’s a lot of transition here to go from B.B. to Liam.  Like that he was 2 weeks late.  I went in to be induced and the little rascal decided to start contractions on his own anyway.  In a…psych!…you thought I wasn’t coming, sort of way.

And now he’s 3 and a half weeks old!  Do you know what happens in 3 and a half weeks???  Ok, while it seems like a lifetime, I suppose it’s mostly a LOT of boobs, pee, poop, sleeping, gas, crying, hiccups and adorableness.

You’ll get the important snippets as they come now.  And holy cow, maybe now I can figure out how to add a g.d. picture to this thing!  It looks like it would be so easy, but I remember having some massive difficulties while I was pregnant….while…I was…pregnant.  That might explain some things.

Following photos courtesy of Stepheney Collins:

Mama B and B.B.



2 thoughts on “Epilogue & Prologue

  1. Katie,
    I love your blog. The pictures of you and Liam are so precious. Keep it going. You are great—and so funny.

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