Biggest Belly on the Block

Did  I mention that I have the biggest pregnant belly on the block?  Which of course raises curiosity/concern of your size.  Not that I care what you “weigh” (great, I’m starting your years of body image issues before you’re born) it’s more of an anatomical…pushing concern.

In our childbirth class there was a gal carrying twins.  Average-sized girl weight and height wise, definitely not on the slim side, but average.  My belly was about twice as big as hers!  Some people have speculated, “Do you think there are two in there??” Let’s assume no, as we’ve had two ultrasounds and get your heartbeat checked every week and no one has picked up on a second being in there.  However, it may be worth noting that your Nana had your twin aunt and uncle and she didn’t know she was pregnant with twins until a week before she had them.  Also, may be worth noting that this was in the ’70s.  I’m just saying.  Perhaps the technology was not as advanced.

It is hard to carry this belly around!  I want to sit because of the weight, but sitting gets uncomfortable.  I feel like my day consists of constantly adjusting my position.  My back has been hurting from carrying the weight as you “drop” lower and lower.  My hips are popping and creaking as they push apart.  Your dad and I were going to be in Cape Cod today for Easter, at your Nana’s house.  It is what we do every year, and in our inexperienced minds we thought it would still be okay.  Maybe our last travels for a while, but okay.  Your dad made the final call.  No traveling.  I simply stated my concern for my comfort at being stuck in a car for 3 or more hours.  And then, what if I went into labor?  I am 37.4 weeks along.  Less than 2.5 weeks away from your due date.  You are full-term.  It could happen, and what better way to tempt Murphy’s Law than to get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic trying to drive off of Cape Cod Easter Sunday?  Your daddy’s head started spinning.  This was more than he and I had originally thought of.  That is why it is Easter Sunday and we are home, on the couch.  Relaxing.  Feels so good to just relax.

As far as your size, though, I washed, folded, and put away the clothes that  you got at your shower (a blog post that I started, didn’t finish, and may back-date eventually.).  The newborn clothes are SO tiny!  Are you really going to be that tiny??  I can’t imagine.  Maybe I should put some 3 or 6 month clothes in our hospital bag, too, just in case.

Either way,  I cannot wait to hold you.  No matter what size you come out.

Love, Mama B


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