Sugar Mama

Dear BB,
Just washed my face before bed. What do you suppose I found clinging to my left eyebrow? Well, cinnamon-sugar, naturally! What else would one find on a pregnant woman’s face?
Of course there’s a reasonable explanation. We had a Junior League meeting at Foreside Tavern where they have delicious, homemade donuts on their dessert menu. Mmm…blanketed by cinnamon-sugar and resting by a ramekin of hot, chocolate sauce to dip them in. It’s possible I had sugar everywhere by the time I was done with both of those donuts. The eyebrow sugar was just particularly stubborn. I know, you’re cringing and thinking about those glucose levels. Well, I’ve been pretty good about eating up until those donuts, but maybe if I chug a lot of water before my next doctor’s appointment on Tuesday it will flush out the sugar. Worth a shot.
Meanwhile, one of my favorite things about meeting with the Publishing committee is that my current state (pregnant, not sugary) prompts the ladies to share all kinds of pregnancy, birth and baby stories. One that I loved tonight hit home because K.J. was telling me about how she had fairly uneventful pregnancies until her third, when she got a call from her midwife telling her that her glucose levels were elevated.  The call had interrupted her hand in the middle of dipping a chocolate-covered graham cracker into a tub of Fluff.  And even though her second test results came back fine, she will always remember the feeling of being busted by the sugar police.

And that’s the thing about mommies.  I think that I’ve gone crazy, but luckily, if I’m crazy then so is every other pregnant woman. (Bite your tongues.  You know not to say what you just thought  in an out-loud voice to a pregnant woman!)  Whether you named your child Victoria for 2 days in the hospital and then changed it to Sophia and will never know, deep-down, if you made the right choice; or stormed out of Denny’s to walk home because you felt your husband was judging you for polishing off the whole Moons Over My Hammy.  Or brushed the stubborn donut sugar out of your eyebrows after a long day on your swollen feet.  There will be a time when even the pregnant woman can laugh…even if it’s hidden from your husband because you have to maintain a level of sincerity for your actions, whether they are hormone-propelled or not.

Goodnight, Sugar,

Mama B


One thought on “Sugar Mama

  1. I can completely picture you sugar and Choco covered!!! The donuts sound delish and I think “sugar” is a fab nickname. Sounds very “wise mama from the south with soft buttery hands”-ish

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