The A-Z of AZ

Dear B.B.,

We are back from Arizona!  I got puffy.  I don’t know if it was just the time I would have gotten puffy anyway, or if it was from the plane rides and desert heat.  Anyway, you were very active on all plane rides…and bus rides.  I hadn’t really counted the hours we would be on the plane from East Coast to Phoenix, it was more than 5 I think, and my back was killing me.  Luckily, I had requested aisle seats and was able to get up and stretch every now and then.

We hung out with Nicole, Isaiah and baby Olivia, who is 10 weeks younger than you!  The first full day we had in Scottsdale we went to the Camelback Resort spa.  Perfect.  Maternity massage with the most perfect (and terribly expensive–I googled it) maternity pillow.  Then I blinded you with something you haven’t seen since you’ve had the ability to see…sunlight!  This is true because we are bundled up in lots of layers in Maine, that I’m sure you can’t see through, but also because I’m at work during all hours of sun.  We had snacks by the pool and then I got a facial.  Just perfect.

The next day we took the damn shuttle to Tucson to see your grandpa, Auntie Sarah, Uncle Ethan, cousins Chloe and Willow.  The driver was a grumpy old man, who was not too friendly.  I was stuck in the van and too nervous to ask him to pull over to use the bathroom because of how un-friendly he was.
Tucson is a lot more “desert-y” than Scottsdale, although Grandpa does have an orange tree in his backyard!
After a quick nap we went with the fam to the Sonoran Desert Museum.  I’m sorry BB, mostly for myself, because I’m sure you were fine.  But, I didn’t realize that the museum would be hiking about trails out in the desert.  It wasn’t too bad, and it was interesting and a beautiful, but way too long to be on my feet, in the heat, and being conservative with water.  We went into a cave and after I clicked several photos we realized that everything was a replication!  It was all fake! We saw lots of desert creatures among the trails of the museum…like prairie dogs, roadrunners, javelinas, little screech owls… I picked out (and Grandpa bought you) a board book at the museum gift shop called “I Howl, I Growl,” and you’ll see lots of desert creatures in it.
The next day we went hippie shopping in downtown Tucson.  You got a tie-dyed onesie, a Bob Marley t-shirt and some sweet Baby Tattoos.  Two of the tattoos match the ones your Uncle Todd has, so we will have to get a picture of your matching tats this summer.  Another long day walking around, but good hippie shopping.
The adults (plus BB) dined at the famed Mexican restaurant Mi Nidito (My little nest), where none other than Bill Clinton has eaten.  There was a wall of famed clientele, but Clinton was the only one that I recognized.
The next day we went back for a finale with Nicole and Isaiah.  Nicole and I shopped until our feet swelled ridiculously and then Isaiah brought us out for BBQ.  The pictures I have of us at BBQ are the most puffy I have looked through this pregnancy!  I’m hoping it is just all of the combinations and not the way I still look.  It’s hard to tell in the mirror, it shows up more in pictures.

I’m off to bed now, BB…can’t keep my eyes open any more.  If I think of any other AZ adventures I will add another post.

Mama B.


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