Jet Setting

Dear B.B.,

We are leaving in a few minutes to go to the airport.  Off to Arizona to see your Grandpa and Team member, Nicole.  Nicole is pregnant too, so you will “meet” the newest extended family to The Team!  You will hear some familiar voices, too, because your Auntie Sarah, Uncle Ethan, and cousins, Chloe and Willow will be at Grandpa’s too.
I am excited to be in a warm, relaxing place…but I am feeling a little anxious right now.  I’ve flown dozens and dozens of times, but never pregnant.  We are so far along…I hope this doesn’t stress us out.  Breathing deep….we’re ok.

This is a short update because your dad is calling for us from the open garage door to get a move on.  Perhpas we can update on our trip from the new iphone!

By the way it is Valentine’s Day and I love you so much!

Mama B.


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