I’m Normal!

Dear B.B.,

We’re okay!!  I didn’t mess you up after all.  I took the day off from school so that I could go to the hospital and take the 3 hour glucose test that would determine if I have gestational diabetes. Which I really didn’t want because it would make me worry about you.

They took my blood 3 times and then I left to nap and wait for the results.  Martha, our nurse from Back Cove Midwives called and jumped right in.
“Your test results came back normal.”
“Yahoo!!” was my response.
Martha laughed and continued, “…so we can close this file and don’t need to talk about it again.”
“We shall never speak of this again,” I swore solemnly.

So, all we need to remember from this experience is: your mama is normal!

Mama B


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