Christmas in Utero

Dear BB,
Merry Christmas, Squirt! We made it home yesterday from our holiday travels and you were well loved by your family already.
We went to Mimi’s house, where you were quite active, moving way more than I’ve felt yet.  You were kicking and pressing up against my belly with some part of you.  Your dad felt with his face (I’m not sure, maybe he thought he would feel you more surely) and Mimi felt where you were pressing and confirmed my suspicions as well.  You got Christmas presents, too!  You got two books; one a beautiful autographed hardcover copy from your Uncle N, who was undoubtedly prompted by his much-loved girlfriend.  Sorry N, maybe it was your idea!  Your Auntie S also got you the mini Nutshell books!  I’m looking forward to reading those to you.  Wait…hold the phone.  I should be doing that now!  I can’t believe I’m not reading out loud to you every night!!  What kind of literacy teacher/mom am I??
I always forget to talk out loud to you, though.  I always feel like you can read my thoughts…which means you may come out swearing like a sailor and I may have to bribe you to keep in my deep, dark secrets (such as the inner monologue I had with myself about how I need to stop making mean, judgmental comments about people and just be nice, even if they are just in my head.)
So, then our small family of 2 1/2 took off for the biosphere.  That is what we call Nana’s house in the winter.  There is a general lack of activity and your personal salt and sugar intake increases by about 300%.  Your Auntie A, Uncle M, and cousins S and J were there, as well as Uncle E and cousin A.  Cousin S is excited and a little blown away that the next time we see her in the summer she will see a baby which can only be identified by my enlarged stomach.  Cousin J is 2 and did not believe that you are a baby growing inside of me.  He decided the bump that is you was really a ball under my shirt, even when I showed him my bare belly.  After a few days he begrudgingly allowed us to call you a ball-baby instead of just “the ball.”
Your Auntie A, Cousin S and Cousin J gave you your first Red Sox paraphenalia… a reversible cap, one side navy if you are a boy and the side red for if you are a girl!  I did not count your Uncle M in the list of givers there since he is a dreaded Yankees fan.  Your Nana and Grandpa S also gave you the softest cuddle blanket of a lamb.
We also went to visit your newest step-family in Cape Cod and I got to hold your newest cousin who is only 3 weeks old….oh he is SO cute and tiny!  I almost wept while I held him and you pressed up high on my belly where he was cuddled up.  Meanwhile, we counted you in the womb and figured out that there were TEN cousins at Grandpa S’s.  This summer there will be all ten of you “self-breathing.”  What a wild bunch, too; and they LOVE babies.  They are so good with the newest baby cousin.  You are just going to be surrounded by love all of the time.

On that note, time to continue with my anxiety-ridden task of finding child-care for you (it already tears my heart to shreds) and the more fun, but also tedious task of registering for your cute little (and ALL necessary) baby items.

Love you,
Mama B xoxo


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