Avoiding the Paparazzi

Dear B.B.,

Today was our real ultrasound to see you!  Sure, we got one when I cracked my head open, but that was mostly a consolation prize; they felt bad for me and let me see you without giving me too much information about what they were looking at.
Your dad and I met at the doctor’s office and had to wait about 45 minutes because they were running behind schedule.  I had worries like, <em>I know I’ve heard the heartbeat every time and I’m pretty sure I can feel some squirming around, but what if I get in there and the screen is blank?</em>  You dad was worrying about things like Spinabifida and Downs Syndrome.  Far less realistic in my book.
We get in and I get globbed with goo….and there you were!  You were so still at first that I thought one of my fears had come true, but then I saw your heart flickering.  The ultrasound tech pointed it out, breaking her silence that I had clearly indicated as a sign of obvious alarm.  Really, she was probably just waiting for us to burst into tears and cuddle on the doll-sized adjustable patient table.  Your dad and I aren’t big criers.  Usually we enjoy a good high-five.  Alright, I cry.  Sometimes.
Anyway, you passed every test with flying colors.  No red flags whatsoever; everything attached and growing appropriately.  The ultrasound tech even called you “cute” which of course is flattering….but odd.  You are a blurry, black and white, flickering object with creepy skeleton eyes.  I mean, I love you and I wanted to reach in and cuddle you; but I didn’t expect the tech to show any affection.  I thought it was a mother’s love that I was feeling.
Your dad and I closed our eyes when the tech checked your gender parts.  Whatever you have growing in there is supposedly just fine, though!  Good news.
We did find out a few interesting snippets of info, too.  First, we are farther along than originally thought.  Your original estimated due date was May 1st 2010.  Now it is April 21st!  About a week and a half further than we thought!  I turn 21 weeks on Wednesday and I thought I was only 19 weeks last Saturday.  Is it normal that I panicked a little and thought about all of the things that we still have to do to get your room readY?
We also found out that the placenta is in the front of you, against my stomach, which would explain why I haven’t really felt you too much; it’s acting as a shock absorber.  And wow…the tech didn’t say this, but I bet that’s why my stomach “popped” early on.  It was probably mostly placenta.  And that you were further along than thought.
So, even though we have a shock absorber, I feel better now because I know exactly where you are in my belly and before I could only guess where you were swimming along.  I could see you squirm and stretch and for instance, right now, I think you are moving you hands around because you liked them near your face and I can feel something near where your head is.  Speaking of which, you little rascal, you were being very shy when we were trying to look at your face and count your fingers.  It was like you were hiding from the paparazzi; keeping your hands balled into fists and up by your face.  It took a little while and some “Babyquakes” by the tech to finally get some fingers counted.  The babyquakes were when she would jab my belly with the doppler and the screen would shake like an earthquake!  She assured us that it was just skin movement that was jarring the picture, and that you weren’t being jolted around like that.  I told her that was good because I didn’t want a Shaken Baby Syndrome Baby.
Well, little one.  We have some good ulatrasound pictures to look at of you, and apparently we will see you sooner than later!  Yay!

Love xoxo,
Mama B.


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