Lava Lamp

Dear B.B.,

I went to my first group doctor appointment tonight, called Connections.  There were about 7 moms and some of their husbands.  Everyone is due April 2010.  Well, except that I am technically due May 1st. When sharing about our pregnancies one woman said that she found the best description of a baby’s movements to be like a lava lamp.  That made me think that I can definitely feel you glooping around like lava lamp goo!  It’s hard to step forward and say that I could feel you, though, because I was the least far along pregnancy-wise and only a few that were due almost a month before me were saying that they felt their baby.  But the other women, closer to my due date, were also saying that they weren’t sure.  I am so sure about the lava lamp, though!

Love, Mama B.


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