Down for the Count

Dear B.B.,

Did you get jarred around yesterday?  Apparently I was a bad Mama.  I didn’t feed you enough and definitely did not drink enough water.  I went to run one measly errand, to get my windshield wiper fixed at an auto store.  I was fine.  Then I wasn’t.  My head started to feel a little fuzzy.  The guy behind the counter, Gabriel, was trying to tell me that he had found the part and that it would take a couple of days to arrive.  I tried to let him finish his sentence, but it felt like he was going to take forever to say those few words, so I interrupted and I think I said that I just needed to sit down for a second; but I’m not sure if all of the words got out of my mouth.  I fainted!!  I don’t remember going down, and apparently I was only out for a second, but when I heard voices I felt like I had been in a deep sleep and someone was waking me out of a dream.  I felt slightly annoyed that I was being woken up because I felt <em>so</em> tired.  Then I realized that I didn’t know the people peering down at me.  The slow memory of where I was and what probably happened came over me.  Then I realized that someone had their hands on both sides of my head and that my head was not okay.  I was figuring out that I had hit my head (hard) and where I was when I realized that one of the faces over me was talking to me.  I gave her my name and said, ‘I’m pregnant.’  I realized, too, that someone was on the phone with 911 and giving information.  The woman holding my head told me her name was Christine and she’s a firefighter paramedic in Vermont.  She happened to just walk into the store when I went down, on her way back to Vermont and her husband and daughter in the car.  She asked me if I felt any abdominal pain, but I knew you had to be okay, because I didn’t feel anything wrong except where I hit my head.</div>
<div>I called your daddy, who was shocked and had took a minute to figure out what I was telling him.  I wasn’t sure where the ambulance was taking me, so I told him I’d call him back after I knew which hospital he needed to meet me at.</div>
<div>The ambulance seemed to get there in minutes, the paramedics took over, figured that I was bleeding from where I had hit my head, but couldn’t figure out how bad the cut was because my hair was in the way.  The bandaged it, then put the neck brace on.  Then they rolled me onto the board and taped my head and body to the board.  That felt weird.  Then they crossed the 4 “seatbelts onto the board and carried me out to the ambulance.
The asked me questions and talked to me the whole time.  I got EKG stickers all over me, I think there were about 10.  Those are where they connect the machine that tracks your heart.  I had an IV put in, which was super painful because it was such a thick needle.  The paramedic, I think his name was Brian, seemed to be mostly in charge, and I liked the way he warned me that it was going to hurt a lot.  It prepared me.  There was a gadget clipped to my finger and they took my blood pressure.  The IV made me chilled and I started to shiver.  The paramedics seemed to have a hard time being convinced that I didn’t have a heart condition, because that is usually the reason for losing consciousness.  I thought it was a pregnant reason.

When I got to my “room” in the ER they immediately put these towels on me that had been in a warmer.  That felt so good because I had the chills so badly.  Dr. O’Mara and the nurse and NP untaped me.  They asked questions, took blood pressure, and tried to find my cut in my hair.  My head hurt so badly.

I was worried I would have to have my head shaved in order to close up the abrasion…but no!  They put three staples in my head, right through my hair.  I was expecting it to be horrible, feeling the staples go into my head, but it was not as bad as I thought.  It mostly jumped me, and I felt like I had to say “Ow!” as a reaction after every one.

Meanwhile, your dad was doing worse than I was.  Did I mention that he was sitting next to my bed, white as a ghost and looking at me like he was going to throw up.  This helped me to see how he may do in the hospital when you are being born!

To sum up the few hours after my staples, I needed two more IV drips to get to a point where they thought I was hydrated enough.  While we were waiting the fabulous Dr. O’Mara gave me the best consolation prize…a secret trip to the ultrasound tech, so that we could see how you are doing!  You were perfectly fine, it seemed that you survived the fall much better than your mama.

I was trying to be more detailed with this account, but am tired, so I feel like I want to wrap it up now…sorry you don’t get to hear about the crazy, loud man that shared the ER room with me.  He’s a minor character in the events of the day.


Mama B.


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