Racing Heartbeat

Dear BB,

We heard your heartbeat today!  You are really, really real!  Your heartbeat was so quick and it sounded so strong.  The midwife, Ellie, moved the wand over a little so you could hear the difference between my heartbeat, slow and loud, and yours, that sounded like the galloping of tiny ponies.  I thought I would cry, but I was just so excited and your dad and I high-fived instead of crying.  We made you and we know we made you good.
Meanwhile, here I am, eating watermelon, because you definitely wanted watermelon.  In fact, I have to ask you something.  Did you come to me in my dreams as a small girl and tell me how much you really wanted watermelon?  Whoever it was in the dream I was so astonished at how much I, too, wanted watermelon.  Mmmm… I think it helps how dehydrated I’ve been.  I’m so thirsty and sometimes water gets SO old.  I really wanted Newman’s Own lemonade juice boxes to bring to school, but the grocery store didn’t have them.  Disappointment!  And I thought that my biggest difficulty was going to be deciding between classic yellow or pink.  (I actually probably would have gotten both if there had been the option.)
Now I need to work on getting more iron.  Since meat is disgusting to my pregnant stomach right now, Ellie said I should eat a teaspoon of molasses every day.  Hhmmm, I’ve never had straight-up molasses, but I’m pretty sure it will be difficult to swallow and I will gag and puke.  I’ll let you know how that goes.
Good night little BB.  I need to go choose appropriate attire for the classroom.  Something high-cut.  Things are getting awful tight.

Mama B


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